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Preschool Info for 2019-20

The ECC administration and preschool staff members have made a change for preschool classes for the 2019-2020 school year.

While we would love to be able continue to offer preschool to both three- and four-year-olds with an extended schedule, we are unable to do so in an efficient and effective way with our current staff and facilities.  We do, however, believe we have decided on an option that will better prepare students for kindergarten.

Currently, three-year-old students attend two half days (5 hours) per week on Monday/Tuesday either morning or afternoon while our four-year-old students attend three (3) half days per week.

During the next school year, four-year-old students will be able to attend five (5) half days per week in either the morning or afternoon.  Three-year-old students will attend once per month with a parent for a preschool preview day and weekly and monthly Parents As Teachers’ events.

There is no predefined “best age” for beginning preschool, but there are several factors  to consider. Students should have basic self-reliant skills, be comfortable with the absence of their parents, have physical stamina for preschool, and be able to function within a standard schedule.  Based on our experience at ECC, we find that the four-year-old students are developmentally better prepared to attend school, and to begin adapting to a school environment in preparation for their kindergarten experience than their three-year-old counterparts.  We feel that working with four-year-olds for one school year at five days per week will produce greater benefits in school readiness than having them attend two years with the current schedule.

One day per month, a preschool preview day will be held in order for parents to bring three-year-old students into a classroom/school setting.  They will participate in story time and centers in the preschool classrooms. Students will be able to get a feel for the classroom, and parents will get ideas for helping their students prepare for school life in their homes.  In addition, Parents as Teachers offers a weekly playgroup and a monthly evening activity that we will encourage families to attend, extending the preparation process, and allowing both parent and child to stay involved in a school setting with school-related activities.

Four-year-olds will enroll for classes in the spring as we have done in the past.  If parents do not wish for their student to attend all five days, we will put those students on a list for three days.  We will fill the five-day slots first, and then add in the the partial enrollees as room exists.

As for three-year-olds, we will gather names and contact information in order to send out information for preschool preview days and PAT events. We will also hold screening days in May for three-year-old students and four-year-old students who are new to our program.

Specific dates for sign-ups, screenings and schedule for next year will be posted on the district website as soon as the district calendar for next year has been developed.

We look forward to seeing you at preschool enrollment and/or screenings later this spring.


Becky Campbell
ECC Principal