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Foundation presents teacher grants

Teachers and students in the Harrisonville School District recently received more than $5,600 in grants from the Harrisonville Public School Foundation.

Throughout the 16 years of the teacher grant program, nearly $95,000 has been presented to teachers.  The goal of the program is to enhance the education of Harrisonville students by encouraging and recognizing new educational approaches and concepts that are not currently funded by the district.

Teacher grants were awarded to the following:


  • Deena Roedel, Cass Career Center, for a Kangaroo tube feeding pump. The Practical Nursing students will now be able to bring their education from the classroom and practice it in a simulated lab to build confidence, enhance their learning, and develop their skills set in a safe, non-threatening environment where direct feedback from the PN instructors can be provided. The use of this feeding pump will also give the students more opportunity to get comfortable with their skills, which they will be using in the clinical setting and in their future careers.
  • Shannon Lineberry, Harrisonville High School, for four camera tripods for use by the Yearbook and Photojournalism classes.  This grant was funded through the Cade Filer Teacher Grant Endowment.
  • Jenny Wickstrom, Harrisonville High School, for expansion of the foreign language library.  Books in Spanish and French will be purchased and students will read and discuss them throughout their foreign language classes.  This grant was funded through the Cade Filer Teacher Grant Endowment.
  • Dan Deatherage, Harrisonville Middle School, for a 3d printer which will provide students with physical and tangible products as a result of their design activities using a current technological tools found in the industry.  
  • Ben Johnson, Harrisonville High School, for expansion and updates to the solo and small ensemble music library.
  • Paul Burhart, Cass Career Center, for a track saw. This device is one of the newer innovations in the industry and has become a game changer to carpenters who are using it because of its versatility and the ability to make very clean and accurate cuts in large panels as well as cutting to any depth, right next to walls, baseboard and other hard-to-reach places.
  • David May, Cass Career Center, for a trainer kit for the “Stop the Bleed” program.  Stop the Bleed is a nationwide initiative to train the general public in bleeding control for life threatening situations.  The program educates students to recognize life threatening bleeding and how to control it with the use of a tourniquet or packing the wound.
  • Caitlin Jimenez and Catie Miller, McEowen Elementary School, for document cameras for use in their classroom.  Document cameras provide a tool to project student work, textbook pages, science experiments, math manipulatives, and more for full class discussion and viewing. This grant was funded through a gift to the Foundation in memory of Herschel and Marie Franklin.

The Harrisonville Public School Foundation is a not-for-profit organization established to support the educational activities and programs of the Harrisonville School District.   To learn more about the Foundation, contact Executive Director Jill Filer at 380-2727, ext. 1224.