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Board of Education Highlights

The Harrisonville Schools Board of Education approved the General Operating Levy at its August meeting.  There was no increase to the overall levy which is $5.0772. There was a slight change within the levy with approximately $.02 moving from the Debt Service Levy to the Incidental/General Fund.

“As the debt from that particular bond gets reduced, and our assessed value increases, we are are able to move restricted levy from Fund 3 (Debt Service) to Fund 1 (Operating) to assist in other areas.  The two cents in levy represents approximately $40,000 available for operations. The overall levy of the school district remains the same for our taxpayers,” said Superintendent Paul Mensching.

In other action, the Board approved several advertising contracts for the district scoreboards.  The supporters include Helt Turf Farm, American Heritage Realtors, Sonic, Community Bank of Harrisonville, and Max Motors.

The Board also approved a contract with the Beck Event Space for the Harrisonville High School Prom on April 13, 2019.

Superintendent Mensching reviewed the district’s Comprehensive School Improvement Plan with the Board.  He said that throughout this school year, the district will work to complete a needs assessment gathering input from staff, parents and the community to revise the CSIP. He indicated that several action steps in the current plan have already been completed and that there is a need to include facilities goals in an updated plan.

As part of the district's effort to meet the needs of students, the Board also approved an agreement and memorandum of understanding with Compass Health/Pathways for a partnership with Compass Health/Pathways to provide school-based therapy from licensed professionals in the school setting at no cost or liability to the district. This service is for non-IEP students.  Pathways will hire the therapists and the school will notify the therapists about needs. Students experiencing emotional or behavioral issues such as depression, anxiety, trauma, substance abuse, etc. can receive help for these problems through this program during school hours. The integration of mental health services in the school has helped to reduce the stigma or receiving therapy services, and removes some of the barriers, (transportation, work) that have made families unable to get these services.

“We are excited to get this school-based therapy program up and running in Harrisonville. With parent consent, staff will arrange for students to visit with a licensed therapist in our schools to help with a variety of emotional and behavioral problems. It is a process to help our students develop a wellness plan to meet their needs,” said Assistant Superintendent Dan Erholtz.

During the recognitions portion of the meeting, the district recognized Durham School Services for their Exemplary School Bus Maintenance Award. This award is presented for exemplary school bus maintenance program as evidenced by "compliance with at least 90 percent for one year" passage of Missouri School bus regulation and safety standards during the spring 2018 school bus inspection, conducted by the Missouri State Highway Patrol. This award is presented by the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.   Assistant Superintendent Jason Eggers presented the award to local Durham manager Wanda Davis.