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Wildcat Hour Information

Wildcat Hour Overview
Advisory - 10:15-10:30 
Lunch A - 10:30-11:00 
Lunch B - 11:00-11:30
The staff of Harrisonville High School has realized the possibilities of using a longer lunch period to allow our students to engage in more meaningful activities with teachers and other students and raising academic achievement. Teachers will now have intervention time embedded into the regular school day for tutoring, make-up assignments, EOC/ACT testing practices, basic math skill practice, writing skills, homework help, Advanced Placement/Dual Credit support and test preparation. Teachers will also have the opportunity to collaborate with their cadre on a weekly basis.

The goal of Wildcat Hour is to empower both staff members and students, raise student achievement, reduce class absences and foster relationships for a positive school climate. We, the Wildcat Staff, are committed to providing all of our students with every opportunity to achieve and realize their fullest potential. We look to this as an opportunity to support school improvement, diversity, academic achievement, self-advocacy, and student responsibility.

Students will eat in the MPR, commons, in the east and west hallways outside of the LMC, and classrooms with teacher’s approval. Areas off limits for eating/drinking include the LMC, gyms, locker rooms, front entrance hall, and all established quiet study areas. Students who eat outside of the MPR, must use styrofoam and sporks. Trays and utensils will only be allowed in the MPR. Many large trash cans will be placed in all hallways throughout campus to dispose of trash that will accumulate during lunchtime. Students or staff will not be permitted to dispose of “food trash” in any classroom trash can. If a teacher permits students to eat in his/her, room the teacher will be responsible for making sure students have cleaned up the area including properly disposing of trash, wiping up any spills and cleaning surface areas such as student desk, countertops and room tables. If a spill occurs, it should be cleaned up immediately to avoid any potential accidents, either by the student or by calling the main office and requesting someone for assistance. All teachers and administrators will be assisting students to keep their areas clean as the lunch hour progresses.

The campus of Harrisonville High School will remain a “closed campus” during the Wildcat Hour which means students will not be permitted to leave school grounds nor will they be permitted to visit automobiles if they have a car parked on campus. All HHS faculty and staff will maintain a high level of security and are committed to providing a safe environment for all students.

Tutoring is available for all students and a requirement for those students who have a D or F in a class. Each teacher has been assigned tutoring, collaboration, and supervision days. During tutoring days, any student can attend that teacher’s room for tutoring or enrichment. Advisory teachers will schedule students who have a D or F, in accordance with the tutoring schedule. If a student is scheduled for tutoring, he/she is required to attend. Scheduled tutoring takes precedence over anything else the student wants to do during Wildcat hour. Students who do not attend their scheduled sessions will be referred to administration. Students placed in lunch detention will report to detention for their lunch period and will still be required to go to their scheduled tutoring. Quiet areas are available for each lunch shift.

In the case of an evacuation, all students will leave the building via the closest exit and report immediately to the location of their advisory teacher. Each advisory teacher will evacuate to his/her designated location, take attendance, and report to his/her zone contact.