• Course Transfer/Advanced Placement Policy

    Individual courses taken at other institutions will be considered for transfer if a student has taken the course within the last five years and received a final grade of a "C" or better. Courses considered for transfer include Anatomy and Physiology. Other courses can be considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have questions, please complete the form below. Please do not send transcripts until you are asked. 

    See specific information about Anatomy and Physiology below.

    No tuition credit will be provided for the clock hours for which credit is given. The students will receive credit for textbook(s). 


    View the student handbook here.

    Anatomy and Physiology  

    Anatomy and Physiology is not a prerequisite for the Practical Nursing program. However, if an applicant has not taken Anatomy and Physiology, they will be required to enroll in an online course through Cass Career Center. This course will be online and asynchronous. The online course is to be completed in 14 weeks (with some flexibility). This course will start within 45 days after admission to the program.  

    If an applicant has taken college level Anatomy & Physiology in the last five years and received a "C" or better, the course can be considered for transfer. Please contact the Practical Nursing Coordinator for more information. Transcripts should not be sent until the applicant is accepted.

    If it has been greater than five years since the completion of a college level A&P course and the applicant received at least a "C" in the course, the student may elect to take a proctored assessment to be considered for transfer of the course. Please review the information about the test at this link.

    The information about the test is as follows:

    • The applicant may take a practice test to prepare for the proctored assessment. This test does not have to be proctored. It will provide information about questions answered incorrectly.

    • The applicant must score ≥75% on the proctored test to be considered for transfer. The test can be repeated one time after seven days.

    • The cost of the test is $27.00 for each attempt (total of two at least one week apart).


    Advanced Placement 

    Students requesting advanced placement when transferring from another school of nursing shall submit transcripts, course syllabi, program catalog, and references, along with a written request for advanced placement if enrollment permits. The curriculum must be comparable to the curriculum of Cass Career Center. The school reserves the right to contact faculty from the transferring school regarding the student’s progress in a program. Each request will be considered individually and the student must fulfill the same requirements for graduation as all other students in the class. Each case will be considered individually by the coordinator of the program. Tuition MAY be prorated for courses taken at Cass Career Center. 

    Transfer students may be required to take tests, including the TEAS test, and complete the admissions process necessary to meet the requirements of the Cass Career Center program. This includes the Criminal Background Check, Employee Disqualification List and the Hair Drug Screen. Additional testing may be required for advanced placement. Courses will not be accepted if more than one year has transpired since the course was completed. Final decisions regarding advanced placement rest with the PN Coordinator and Faculty.

    Revised 12/22, 10/22


    Readmission Policy 

    Students who voluntarily withdraw, fail theory courses, or fail clinical (for any reason other than ethical) may be readmitted to the program in the following year if enrollment permits.  No more than one year may lapse between time of withdrawal and time of readmission for advanced placement to be granted.  Students must complete an entire course with a passing grade to receive credit for the course.  All courses not completed must be repeated.  A written plan shall be developed with the student to complete the program.  

    • Tuition will not be prorated for the year of re-enrollment. 
    • Fees and supplies will be adjusted. 
    • Readmission status will be granted only if enrollment permits.
    • The Advanced Placement Policy will be utilized regarding acceptance of previously completed courses. 
    • Final decisions regarding readmission rest with the PN Program Coordinator and faculty.
    • Students must have a zero balance to be readmitted or a plan in place to have a zero balance by first day of classes.


    *Revised 12/22, 6/21

Last Modified on October 27, 2023