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    Practical Nursing Program Philosophy

    It is the main goal of this post-secondary program to prepare qualified personnel to fulfill the role of the Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) who can assist the registered nurse and other members of the health care team, thus allowing the patient to receive the best possible care.

    We believe that nursing’s priority should lie with the care of patients as individuals with unique problems, needs, and concerns.

    Practical nursing is an integral part of all nursing, and the practitioners must be prepared in an educational program to assume the following roles:

    1.    Provide good nursing care according to those guidelines established by the Nurse Practice Act

    2.    Develop plans of care utilizing the nursing process and recognize changes in patient's conditions indicating the need for professional assistance

    3.    Assist the registered nurse in the care of patients in complex situations by meeting specific nursing requirements of patients as directed, under the direction of a professional registered nurse or a licensed practitioner

    Educational opportunities must be planned and implemented to meet the needs of individual students. Experiences will move from the simple to more complex, with the integration of theory and practice when possible, to emphasize relationships between facts, concepts, attitudes, and skills in the practice of nursing. Programs of practical nurse education should continue to be strengthened, improved, and expanded to meet the needs of nurses and the community.

    The basis for evaluation will be the desired changes in behavior, personal growth, and development. The individual patient and his/her total needs relative to the competency and abilities required of the practical nurse will be the focal point of clinical teaching. The needs of the students, the achievement of educational goals, and the level of development will determine the selection of experience.

    Reviewed October 2022

Last Modified on April 4, 2024