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    During the fall of 2019, the district worked to develop a blueprint for the future of our schools.  This blueprint - our strategic plan - includes 3-5 goals. A committee composed of staff, parents, and community members helped the district in this process. 

    Kick-Off Meeting - Sept. 16, 2019
    Superintendent Paul Mensching met with 40+ district staff, parents, and community members on September 16 to kick off the district's strategic planning process. The process involved setting long-term (5 year) priorities (3-4) and goals for the district, setting actions to achieve those goals, and mobilizing the resources to achieve those goals.

    During the presentation, Mr. Mensching shared an overview of the district which is available here.

    Second Meeting - October 28, 2019
    Superintendent Paul Mensching met with 30+ community members, parents, and school staff to work on the district's strategic plan on Monday, Oct. 28.  The committee reviewed demographic & financial information shared during the first meeting and heard some of the results from the recent Blueprint survey. To view the presentation, click here.

    To view a summary of the results of the three primary Blueprint Survey questions, click here.

    Third Meeting - December 3, 2019
    During this meeting, community members, parents and school staff developed four focus areas.  Click here for the document outlining their recommendations.

    Board of Education Meeting - December 17, 2019
    The Board of Education approved the focus areas as presented by the strategic planning committee.

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