About BIST

  • B.I.S.T. is a district wide model designed to teach children how to manage feelings and change behavior. As the adults, we will enforce limits in predictable ways so that our students will feel safe and supported at school.

    Adults at Harrisonville Elementary will utilize:
    Common Expectations

    We understand the importance of one-to-one relationships with children and will take an active role in helping children learn to make good choices.

    This problem solving approach teaches children to look at their behaviors; own their problems; take responsibility for their actions, and change their

    Our goal is to protect children and the environment from inappropriate behaviors and to teach children how to change behaviors.

BIST in the Classroom

  • Adults intervene when a student's behavior interferes with learning, threatens another person through disrespectful attitudes or actions, or is destructive to himself/herself or others.

    Interventions may include:
    Class Meetings
    Classroom Triage
    Think Sheets
    Student Conferences
    Goals for Life

    Our immediate goal is to stop the behavior and remove the student from the situation. This "time out" period is usually spent in a safe seat in the classroom or a buddy room.

    The purpose of sending a student to a safe seat or buddy room is to allow time to calm down and think. This is a time for reflection. Students learn that everybody makes mistakes and it is important to make good choices.

    Students feel safe when they know that adults will intervene fairly and predictably.
  • B.I.S.T. provides consistency and promotes grace and accountability.

    A student accepts responsibility:

    I did it.
    I am sorry.
    I accept consequences.
    I accept and need help.

BIST Terms

  • Safe Seat: A designated area in every room to give the student space to calm down and think.

    Think Sheet: A worksheet with questions filled out by a student to help him/her think about the p roblem and how the situation can be fixed.

    Buddy Room: A partner classroom where students go when they are not able to be successful in the safe seat in their classroom.

    Processing: An opportunity for the teacher, or all individuals involved, to sit down and discuss the problem that took place, and the plan to change behavior.

    Focus Room: A safe place for a student who cannot stop the disruptive behavior in a buddy room or the safe seat. A student is given time to think through the situation and begin taking responsibility for his/her actions.

How does BIST sound in the classroom?

  • I know this is hard.

    Are you okay?

    I don't want you to be in trouble.

    How can you take care of yourself and not be in trouble?

    It is okay to have a problem. It is not okay to stay stuck.

    What are you struggling with?

    Can you do this, even though you don't want to?

    You don't have to do this alone.

    Show me what it looks like.

    What can you do next?

    Who is the best adult to help you?

    Tell me about your plan.