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Pay-to-Ride Program

  • Harrisonville School District is pleased to offer an optional pay-to-ride student transportation program for elementary, middle school and high school students who live within one (1) mile of their assigned school.

    Program details

    • The program is provided on a space-available, first-come, first-served basis. Participation is limited according to capacity.

    • Eligible riders take precedence over pay-to-ride students. If eligible ridership rises, pay-to-ride students will be bumped and given a prorated refund on a last-in, first-out basis.

    • The program is only available on existing bus routes. No additional routes will be considered for pay-to-ride students.

    • Stops may be added or eliminated based on neighborhood participation.

    • Stops must be at least 500 feet apart to comply with state law.

    • Bus stop locations and times are assigned by Ecco Ride.

    • Students must be picked up and dropped off at their assigned location only. Pick-up and drop-off must be at the same location.

    • Requests for a change in a student's bus stop will only be honored if the student's address has changed.

    • No guest students will be allowed to ride along with pay-to-ride students.

    • All students riding the bus are subject to the rules and regulations of conduct and safety established by the Harrisonville School District and Ecco Ride.

    • A 50% refund will be granted if a student voluntarily discontinues riding and the request for a refund is made prior to the half-way point of the semester.

    • No refunds will be granted after the halfway point of the semester, and no refunds will be granted for any other circumstances.

    • The Harrisonville School District reserves the right to amend or terminate this program at any time for any reason with reasonable notice.

    • Pay-to-ride fees are:

    $150.00 per student, per semester, round-trip.
    $75.00 per student, per semester, one-way
    • All payments must be made in advance on a per-semester basis.

    Pay-to-Ride Student Transportation Program

    Round-Trip (both morning and evening service)

    Each full paid student per semester $150.00

    One-Way Trip Service

    Each full paid student per semester $75.00

    Board of Education Approved : January 27, 2017


    • Student enters at beginning of semester and stays all semester. Charge full amount / no refund.
    • Student enters at beginning of semester and leaves prior to halfway point of semester. Charge full amount / refund 50%.
    • Student enters at beginning of semester and leaves after halfway point of semester. Charge full amount / no refund.
    • Student enters anytime first half of semester charge 100%.
    • Student enters anytime second half of semester charge 50%.

    Application Process

    Print this application:  Pay-to-Ride Application Or obtain a Pay-to-Ride Application from the District Central Office at 503 S. Lexington or call (816) 380-2727.

    1.  Parent must complete the Pay-to-Ride Application and sign the Student Transportation Agreement located on the bottom portion of the application.

    2.  The Application and payment in full must be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent at the District Central Office (located at 503 S. Lexington) during regular business hours.

    3.  Checks must be made payable to Harrisonville School District.

    4.  Applications for Pay-to-Ride student transportation services are processed upon receipt. The Assistant Superintendent will notify Ecco Ride when a student is enrolled in the program.

    5.  When placement has been made, Ecco Ride will notify the parent of the assigned pick-up and drop-off location, start date, and times.

    For more information, contact Linda Wise, Secretary to Asst. Superintendent, at linda.wise@harrisonvilleschools.org, (816) 380-2727, ext. 1223.

Bus Rules & Regulations


    • Regular schedules must be observed. The bus cannot wait for tardy passengers. Please be on time.

    • Students must be at the designated loading point 5 minutes before bus arrival time. Parents and students will be notified of the approximate pick-up time.

    • Parents and students should contact the bus transportation office in advance when they will not be riding the bus. The night before would be appreciated. Transportation office phone number is: 816-380-2028. Please leave a message if you are unable to contact after hours.

    • Students must observe the driver’s instructions at all times.

    • Students must wait for the bus at their designated stop. Never stand by the roadway. A student who must cross the roadway to board or depart from the bus shall pass in front of the bus, no closer than ten feet, and proceed to cross the roadway only on the signal from the driver. NEVER CROSS BEHIND THE BUS.

    • A student will depart from the bus at the designated point unless written permission to depart at a different designated point is given to the driver by the parents/guardian or school personnel. The permission note from the school must have the principal’s initials or signature on it.
    • All students shall be received and discharged through the right entrance door of the bus.


    • Students riding an alternative bus must first receive approval from the bus transportation department. Upon approval, a parent/guardian must send a written note to the building administration stating the alternate bus number and address where the student will be departing the bus.

    • All rules and regulations of the Cass R-IX School district Apply to all students riding on a school bus. Behavior on school buses that violate school policy (see student handbook) may result in a student being suspended from riding on the bus or having other disciplinary action taken.

    • A student may/can be assigned a seat by the driver.

    • Students shall remain in a normal forward facing position with feet and hands out of the aisle while the bus is in motion.

    • Book bags and other belongings shall be kept out of the aisle. (STATE LAW)

    • PERMISSION TO OPEN WINDOWS MUST BE OBTAINED FROM THE DRIVER. All articles and objects shall remain within the walls of the bus until the student departs. NEVER EXTEND ANY PORTION OF YOUR BODY OUT BUS WINDOWS (STATE LAW).

    • Waste containers are provided on all buses for use by the riders. Putting trash on the floor of the bus is prohibited.

    • Quiet talk and subdued laughter will help prevent the diversion of the driver’s attention, thus averting the possibility of an unnecessary and serious accident.

    • A student who damages seats or other equipment will be expected to pay the cost for repair and/or replacement.

    • Throwing objects, standing while the bus is moving, scuffling, loud talking, screaming, shouting, or examples of inappropriate behavior on the bus will not be permitted.

    • Throwing any object out of the bus is an automatic 2 day suspension.

    • Respectful communications among riders and driver shall be observed at all times.

    • Animals, glass containers and balloons are not permitted on buses. All balls must be inside a bag or backpack.

    • Students must refrain from sexual and other forms of harassment, which is repeated behavior or words of sexual/gender or of a demeaning nature that are unwelcome, intimidating and make another person uncomfortable.

    • Eating, drinking, and the use of tobacco products of any kind are prohibited.

    • Knives, firearms, weapons, or facsimiles thereof are prohibited (STATE LAW).

    • Electronic equipment (radios, headsets, CD players, I-Pods, etc.) are allowed with the stipulation that the ear pieces may be worn in only one ear. This will allow the rider to hear important information from the driver if needed.

    • Cellular phones may only be used to text with. They may not be used to place calls or take pictures and videos.

    • Riders shall observe the rule of “quiet” when the bus is approaching and crossing railroad tracks. (STATE LAW).