Social Media Directory/Guidelines

  • Several teachers and groups use social media as a communication outlet for sharing information with parents and patrons.

    Guidelines for Posting/Commenting on District Social Media
    We welcome your comments/posts as a means of sharing your own experiences, suggesting improvements or chiming in on the conversation. To keep our social media focused, we have set some comment/posting guidelines.

    1. This account is moderated and all comments/posts are reviewed by the Harrisonville Schools Communications Department.

    2. To ensure exchanges that are informative, respectful of diverse viewpoints and lawful, we will not allow comments that are or include:

    - Off Topic. We will delete comments not related to the subject of the page entries.

    - Spam. Comments focused on selling a product or service will not be posted.

    - Personal Attacks. If you disagree with a post, we'd like to hear from you. We do ask that you refrain from personal attacks or being disrespectful of others.

    - Illegal. Laws that govern use of copyrights, trade secrets, etc., will be followed.

    - Language. Comments including but not limited to: profane or provocative language, hateful, racially or ethnically offensive or derogatory content, threats, obscene or sexually explicit language will be deleted.

    - Links to outside websites. We will not allow fans to include links to websites for any purpose.

    Contact Us Directly.  District social media accounts are not meant to circumvent regular communication channels for sharing personal issues & concerns. While the district makes every effort to respond to direct questions in a timely manner, comments regarding a personal issue with the district or a school staff member will be removed. If you have a personal issue or concern and wish to share it,  contact district staff directly. For who to contact, please visit our website Conversations area -

    Below is a listing of the those Twitter & Facebook accounts.

    The Harrisonville Schools "offical" Twittter account is @HvilleSchools and our "official" Facebook page can be accessed at


    Staff Twitter Account Building, Grade
    Arnold, Sydney @arnold2ndgrade HES
    Barker, Tammy @hmswildcatslmc HMS
    Beavers, Jennifer @MrsBeavers_hvil District Social Worker
    Bliss, Kari @BlissKari HHS
    Chaney, Melissa @ChaneyHHS HHS
    Compton, Caitlyn @HMSCatsArt HMS
    Culpepper, Michael @MCulpepper86 HHS
    DeVenney, Eric @EDevenney HHS
    DeVenney, Virginia @MommaD_HHS HHS
    Eisel, Karen @KarenEisel McE
    Enderle, Karli @KarliEnderle McE
    Erholtz, Dan @Erholtzd Asst. Supt.
    Everhart, Stacy @everhartecc ECC, Pre-K
    Farnsworth, Jason @FarnsworthHHS HHS
    Flanner, Jeanette @JenMillerCCC CCC
    Gibbs, Audrey @Mrs_GibbsHHS HHS
    Harter, Jackie @MIZHarter McEowen
    Hix, Dave @HHSHix HHS
    Klinkenberg, Heather @MrsKmes McE
    Kocher, Dennis @DennisKocherbio HHS
    Kohl, Jake @Kohl803 HHS
    Lipiec, Emily @HarrisonvilleAT HHS
    Lineberry, Shannon @LineberryTeach HHS
    Lorance, Erica @Lorance5grade McEowen
    Magoffin, John @HHSMagoffin HHS
    Mathew, Kip @kipmathew HHS
    Maxwell, Brent @coach_maxwell HHS
    Meeks, Kristi @MeeksKristi McE
    Michon, Susan @MadameMichon HHS
    Quinley, Kristin @CounselingCCC CCC
    Robertson, Maria @MariaRoHvil HMS
    Rorvig, Mark @rorvigHHS HHS
    Schenker, Kyle @kyle_schenker HMS
    Schloss, Amy @TeamSchloss HMS
    Schutz, Alisha @SchutzHMS HMS
    Secrist, Amber @Mssecrist HMS
    Snider, Patrick @snider5mes McE
    Terwilliger, Emily @HHSMrsT HHS
    Thayer, Brian @MasterThayer HMS
    Wickstrom, Jenny @HHSWick HHS
    Wise, Angela @awisescience HMS
    Cass Career Center @CassCareerCentr CCC
    Community Educatin @CCCCommunityEd CCC
    Baseball @HHSCatsBaseball HHS
    Softball @HHSCatsSoftball HHS
    Swimming @HHSCatsSwim HHS
    Soccer @HHSsoccercoach HHS
    Wildcat News - HHS newspaper @HHSWildcatNews HHS
    Volleyball @hville_vball HHS
    Prom @hvilleprom HHS
    Student Council @Hville_StuCo HHS
    FCA @HvilleFCA HHS
    Wrestling @Wildcat_Wrest HHS
    Cheerleading @HHSwildcatcheer HHS
    Skills USA @CCCSkillsUSA CCC
    Girls' Basketball @hvillecatsbb HHS
    Golf @hhscatsgolf HHS
    Track @hvilletrack HHS
    HHS @HHSWildcat1 HHS
    Football @HvilleWildcatFB HHS
    Bright Futures Harrisonville @BrightFuturesHV District
    HHS Counseling Office @HHSCounOffice HHS
    Harrisonville Schools @HvilleSchools District
    HHS Band @royalregband HHS
    Girls Tennis @HHSLadyWildcatTennis HHS
    HMS @HMS_Wildcats1 HMS
    Harrisonville PTO @HvillePTO ECC, HES, McE
    HMS Kindness Committee @Kindnessisfree4 HMS


    1,000 Book Club ECC
    Big Cats, Harrisonville Middle School HMS
    Bright Futures Harrisonville  
    Cass Career Center CCC
    CCC Community Education CCC
    CCC Practical Nursing CCC
    CCC SkillsUSA CCC
    Harrisonville Elementary School   HES
    Harrisonville High School HHS
    Harrisonville Middle School HMS
    Harrisonville Parents As Teachers ECC
    Harrisonville PTO  
    Harrisonville Public School Foundation  
    Harrisonville Schools  
    HES Outdoor Classroom HES
    HHS Yearbook Search HHS Yearbook HHS
    HHS Wildcat News HHS, Newspaper
    HMS Mag 7s HMS, 7th grade
    McEowen Elementary School McEowen
    McEowen All-School Read McEowen
    Wildcat Basketball Search Harrisonville Wildcats Basketball HHS
    Arnold, Sydney HES
    Shaumeyer, Bill CCC
    May, David CCC, EMT
    Arbisi, Sara HES
    Birchmeier, Lorie McEowen
    Brown, Amy HES
    Brown, Rachel HES
    Bruns, Becky HHS, Art
    Compton, Caitlynn HMS, Art
    Culpepper, Leslie HES
    Droege, Jamie Mrs. Droege's Kindergaten Class ECC
    Eccles, Kim HES
    Eddleman, Missy McEowen
    Eisel, Karen McEowen
    Enderle, Karli McEowen
    Everhart, Stacy ECC
    Frees, Laura Gifted Education
    Garrison, Jamie ECC
    Gilvin, Crissy HMS
    Gordon, Megan McEowen
    Graber, Brian HES
    Harrigan, Martha HES
    Henderson, Rachel HES, Art 
    Hern, Lisa HES, Music
    Heslinga, Adam HES
    Holsten, Alyssa McEowen, Music
    Hopper, Alisa HES
    Jackson, Christal ECC 
    Jefferies, David McEowen
    Jimenez, Caitlin McEowen
    Johnson, Natalie McEowen
    Knox, Candee HMS
    Lorance, Erica  Miss Lorance's Class McEowen 
    Malone, Kristin ECC
    Middleton, BryAnn


    Miller, Catie McEowen
    Neal, Kelli McEowen
    Norman, Amanda ECC
    Osborn, Audra HES
    Ours, Tonya McEowen, Library
    Powers, Samantha McEowen
    Rivera, Naomi HES
    Schenker, Amy HES
    Secrist, Amber HMS, Reading
    Shrout, Ashley McEowen
    Siegenthaler, Amy HES
    Snider, Pat McEowen
    Keith, Beth HHS, Drama
    Keith, Beth HHS, Speech & Debate
    Spencer, Kim McEowen
    Sumner, Becky HES, ECC
    Teeter, Amanda  
    Waite, Rance HES
     Cass Career Center  
     Mrs. Riffle's Math IV  
    HHS Wildcat Cheerleaders HHSWildcatCheer  
    HMS Library hmswildcatslmc