• Conversations
    "Interactive communication between two or more people"

    Conversations is an initiative through which the district strives to engage with our staff, students, parents, and community.  The purpose is to provide opportunities to listen and build relationships, trust, and support.  

    The focus of Conversations is face-to-face interaction, however, face-to-face is not always possible, so the conversations can occur in other formats.

    The Guidelines for Conversations

    • Be a good listener - listening is an active, don't multi-task
      • "Most of us don't listen with the intent to understand. We listen with the intent to reply." - Stephen Covey
    • Be honest - if you don't know, say that you don't know
    • Be polite and respectful

    How do I start a Conversation?

    • Check out our Questions, Concern, Suggestion page to get started.

    How will Conversations happen?

    • On a daily basis via phone calls, emails, face-to-face interactions
    • Through scheduled meetings - advisory groups, focus groups, booster & civic group meetings
    • Through surveys
    • Via the Let's Talk option on the district website and app
    • During community meetings to be held twice per year

    Beyond the Conversations

    • Once Conversations happen, those involved will follow through. Examples of follow through are...
      • Talking with other people who can solve the problem, answer a questions, take action, or provide additional input
      • Sharing the conversation with others by posting summaries or notes on our Conversations Continued page
      • Sharing any changes/outcomes that come out of conversations publicly whether here or in Key News, or in some other format