Bright Futures is an important program in our community.  At McEowen Elementary, we strive to involve students and staff in the My 42 Challenge.  The Fifth Grade My 42 Service Award is an opportunity for students to help others and make a difference in their world by giving their time, talent, or treasure.  To earn the award, the students need to participate in all five Service Projects during the school year. Students need to pay close attention to how they need to do the project so their participation is documented with me.  For the fund raising projects, there is no minimum donation required.  Any student completing the My 42 Service Award requirements will receive special recognition at our Last Day of School Assembly.  The projects we will do this year are listed below:
    1.  District Food Drive for Local Food Pantry                         October 24-28th, 2016  
    (When you bring in your (5) items, there will be a sheet to sign in your room.)
    2.  Hoops For Heart for American Heart Association              October 19th, 2016 
    (Mr. Draper will be sending home information closer to the project date.)
    3. Children's Mercy Fundraiser Math-a-thon                         March, 2017 
    (Mrs. Eddleman and Ms. Partridge will be sending information.)
    4. Bright Futures Barrel Project                                              Anytime before May 5th, 2017 
    (Bright Futures projects will be ongoing throughout the year.  Pick one of the projects and bring in (1) donation item in a bag with your name on it.  Give it to Ms. Partridge, so it can be recorded.)
    5. Service Learning Project                                                     Anytime before May 5th, 2017
       The Service Learning Project challenges students to make a difference in their community or world.  Students will determine an issue or cause they care about and find a way to take action and educate others.  For example, if a student is interested in world hunger, they could volunteer at the local food bank or help pack weekly Backpack Snacks.  If students are interested in learning about animal abuse, they could volunteer at an animal shelter.  If students are concerned about pollution, they could spend time cleaning up our local parks or streets.  After students have participated in their service learning project, they need to do a presentation to a group about their experience and what they learned about their cause.  This presentation should be around 5 minutes in length and can be a speech, a Power Point/Google Slide/Prezi, or a tri-fold.  Possible groups to present to could be their pod, church, other groups they are involved in, the School Board, etc.  
    If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Partridge at 380-4545 X4250