• PAWS Pride Program
    Rewarding Students for Real Accomplishment!
    Harrisonville Middle School would like to introduce our PAWS Pride Program. It is a program that encourages academic excellence, good school attendance and positive school behavior. This program is available to all students who are willing to demonstrate a high level of school commitment.

    PAWS Pride Program’s Goals and Opportunities:

    * Students are required to have all A’s or B’s on their quarterly grade card.
    * Students may have no more than 2 absences in a quarter. Any missed time during a school day will count as an absence. This does not include school sponsored activities but does include any excused or medical absences.
    * Students may not have In School Suspension (ISS), Out of School Suspension (OSS) or more than 2 behavior office referrals.
    * Students may apply to appeal a select number of absences if absences exceed 2 days.
    Appeal Process Requirements:
    * Student will fill out an appeal form and turn it into the office before the end of each quarter. The form will be reviewed by the committee.
    * The committee will have a planned meeting with the student and will determine if the absences will be excused and how the student could make up the time missed.
    * Only 2 appeal forms will be accepted each year.
    * Even if the student has doctor’s notes they will still need to fill out an appeal form.
    For example: If a student misses 3 days for a broken leg, he/she can appeal to make-up the third day absence. Or if a student is checked out 3 times for doctors appointments in a quarter, they need to fill out an appeal form.
    Reward Opportunity: 
    Students who meet all the above requirements will have an opportunity to participate in a quarterly celebration. If a student qualifies for the PAWS Pride Program all 4 quarters, he/she will be eligible to participate in an end of the year celebration. Our last year’s big celebration was Worlds of Fun.