College & Career Week in Harrisonville Schools
Established Spring 2013 
Students, staff, parents, community members
Activities, guest speakers, spirit week, question of the day, displays, etc. aimed at giving our pre-K-12th grade students a glimpse of what's possible
Late March/Early April (usually coincides with NCAA Final Four)
In 2016, it's March 14-18
College & Career Week was planned to support the district’s Purpose Statement….
“The purpose of the Harrisonville School District, in partnership with parents and community, is to ensure that ALL students are college and career ready when they graduate from our district. This begins at the preschool level and runs throughout the students' educational experience. All that we do and all decisions made should be based on this premise. All goals, objectives and decisions will be based on this purpose. Our students deserve and we should demand nothing less.” 
District-Level Activities
Question of the Day
Used by classroom teachers to promote discussion, posted on district Facebook page, sent home to parents to promote discussion
Monday – 
College - Where did you go to college? Why did you choose that school?
Career - What did you want to be when you were young?
Tuesday –
College - What was your major/minor? What was your favorite class?
Career - What made you decide to go into your current field?
Wednesday –
College - What activities were you involved in during college? Did you work/intern during college?
Career - What skill has been most valuable to you in your career? Where did you learn that skill?
Thursday –
College - Talk about daily college life (where you lived, class schedule, studying, lecture/lab)
Career - Is continuous learning an important part of what you do? Why? How do you continue to learn?

Friday -
College – What are some of the traditions at your college? What was the mascot?
Career - What is the most satisfying part of your career?
Spirit Week (days vary between buildings)
Hats off to College & Career (hats for students, caps/gowns for teachers)
Career Paths Color Day (wear a color or colors to show your interests in career paths, activities in classrooms, scavenger hunt in career paths hallway displays)
College Gear Day (wear college gear)
My College Monday (wear gear from the college you went to)
Time to Interview Tuesday (dress like you would for an interview)
We want to be... Wednesday (dress like your dream career, school appropriate)
Favorite College Friday (wear gear from your favorite college)
Made it Monday - grad gowns (caps optional)/students dress for dream job
Well-rounded Wednesday (dress in something that reflects your college activities)/students dress in high school activity wear
Throw Back Thursday (wear your undergrad school attire/fav college day)
Friday (or the last day of the week) is always Community-wide College Spirit Day.  Everyone is encouraged to wear their college gear.
Door Decorating Contest
Staff are encouraged to decorate their classroom door in a college or career theme.  Doors are judged by community members based on creativity, theme, and execution.  A first and second place winner are chosen for each building. 
Social Media
Question of the Day on Facebook and Twitter
Post pictures from activities, spirit week, guest speakers, etc. 
Change cover photo & profile pic to college & career themed image
Encourage fans, followers to change profile pic to college logo 
Building-Level Activities
Bulletin Boards with maps and/or graphs displaying where staff members attended college
Mascot Coloring Pages
Elementary visits to district career and technical school
Trivia Question of the Day on the intercom
Fight Songs played during passing periods
Career Day
College enrollment/admissions info bulletin board
Career paths display
Tweet college acceptance selfies for seniors
Bulletin board map with seniors' college destinations
Career speakers in classrooms
Virtual college tours
Mascot Bingo
Use of "Oh, the Places You'll Go" theme 
Community Activities 
Community-wide College Spirit Day
Fly/display college banners/flags at homes & businesses
Promote week on signs & marquees
Display district provided "Ask Me About My Career Training & Education" sign - Click Here for Example 
Door Decoration Judging
Career Speakers in classrooms