• Welcome to Harrisonville High School Senior Mania

    2018 Senior Mania Board Members

    President: Jamie Mathews

    Vice President: Tiffany Klassen

    Secretary: Janie McCleave

    Treasurer: Patti Brinkley

    Social Media: Nicole Moody

    School Liaison: Sam Crust


    Upcoming Meetings:

    Sept 6th @ 7pm Dickey Cottage

    Wednesday Oct. 11th Dickey Cottage

    Wednesday Nov. 8th Dickey Cottage

    Wednesday Dec. 6th Dickey Cottage

    **If you can’t make a meeting join us on our Facebook page where the meetings are live online.


    Upcoming Events:

    Aug 25th Home Football game

    Sept 8th Home Football game

    Sept 14th @ 8pm Homecoming Jersey Auction HHS Gym **Huge Event**

    Sept 15th Home Football game

    Sept 29th Home Football game

    Oct 13th Home Football game


    Current Fundraisers:

    Texas Roadhouse Peanuts

    Jersey Auction

    Paw Prints


    Contact information:

    Jamie Mathews

    816-799-7477 text or call


    You may contact any of us via facebook or visit our group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/SeniorManiaParents2018/