• Articulation

    Cass Career Center students may be eligible to receive free college credit for technical courses they have completed while in high school.  College credit awarded through articulation gives students a jump-start into technical degree programs by allowing the student to by-pass certain entry-level classes at the college level for which the student has already mastered the coursework. Articulated credit can only be used at pre-designated schools and is free. The credit is transcripted after the student completes the high school course, enrolls, and attends the institution awarding the credit. Advanced standing is also available toward apprenticeship hours in some of the building trade industries.

    Programs participating in articulation are as follows: Agriculture Science, Advanced Livestock, Automotive Technology, Construction Technology, Drafting Technology (CAD), EMT, Fire Science, Health Occupations (Health Science), Information Systems Technology (IST), Marketing, and Welding.


    Dual Credit

    Cass Career Center also offers several dual credit courses through Crowder College, the University of Central Missouri and MCC Business and Technology. Juniors and seniors enrolled in the following courses have the option to participate in an educational experience that allows them to complete college-level coursework while maintaining the transitional comfort and ease of a high school environment.
    • Advanced Livestock (UCM, AG 1420 Introduction to Animal Science, 3 credit hours)
    • Construction Technology (UCM, CMGT 1300 Intro to Construction Management, 3 credit hours; UCM, CMGT 2310 Construction Plans and Specs, 3 credit hours)
    • English IV (Crowder College, ENG 203 Technical Writing, 3 credit hours)
    • Health Science (UCM, NUR 1700, Intro to Nursing, 1 credit hour; NUR 2000, E-Health and Cyber Wellness, 2 credit hours; NUR 2700, Professional Nursing Seminar, 1 credit hour)
    • Welding (MCC-BTC, WELD 120/121-Thermal Cutting Process, 3 credit hours; WELD 130-Print Reading & Welding Symbols, 3 credit hours; WELD 140/141-Shielded Metal Arc Welding, 3 credit hours; WELD 150/151-Gas Metal Arc Welding, 3 credit hours) 
    There are many benefits to taking dual credit classes. Tuition for a course taken through the dual credit program is a substantial savings compared to undergraduate tuition. Other benefits include: access to the university/college library both online and in person, access to all campus computer labs, and all extra fees (application, parking, labs, etc.) are waived.
    More Information

    For a complete list of eligibility information and requirements contact Kristin Quinley, CCC Counselor, at 816-380-3253 X 7250 or kristin.quinley@harrisonvilleschools.org. 
    Metropolitan Community College
    Business and Technology
    University of Central Missouri