National Technical Honor Society
The National Technical Honor Society currently serves approximately 200,000 members and awards over $160,000 in scholarships to its members annually. NTHS honors the achievements of top CTE students, provides scholarships to encourage the pursuit of higher education, and cultivates excellence in today’s highly competitive, skilled workforce. For over 30 years, NTHS has been the acknowledged leader in the recognition of outstanding student achievement in career and technical education. 
Contact Information

Nichole Tews, Advisor
816-380-3253 x 7829
2015-2016 Inductees

Nora Adams, Agriculture, Harrisonville
Courtney Allen, Health Science, Harrisonville
Dylan Barge, Marketing, Harrisonville
Brookelynn Brown, Health Science, Archie
Meghan Bussard, Health Science, Archie
Bailey Collier, Automotive Technology, Adrian
Ty Cook, Agriculture, Harrisonville
Elizabeth Cowan, Agriculture, Harrisonville
Shelby Drake, Health Science, Midway
Denton Ellison, Agriculture, Lee's Summit
Hannah Ewbank, Agriculture, Raymore-Peculiar
Noah Fischer, CAD Drafting, Harrisonville
Delaynie Getty, Agriculture, Harrisonville
Jesse Gibson, Automotive Technology, Raymore-Peculiar
Jarrett Goss, Marketing, Harrisonville
Keller Hayes, Marketing, Harrisonville
Ryan Hayworth, Marketing, Harrisonville
Austin Hetherington, Marketing, Harrisonville
Alexandria Hosman, EMT, Harrisonville
Jennifer Hutton, Agriculture, Lee's Summit
Skyler Hyatt, Fire Science, Lee's Summit
Hailey Johnston, Agriculture, Raymore-Peculiar
Kristen Kimbrell, Agriculture, Harrisonville
Mason Kresse, EMT, Harrisonville
Chelsea Matt, Health Science, Midway
Cassidy Myers, Health Science, Midway
Chandler Myers, Automotive Technology, Adrian
Mary Morgan Nanney, Health Science, Harrisonville
Megan Oshel, Health Science, Raymore-Peculiar
Andrea Pinaire, Marketing, Harrisonville
Brett Pinkley, CAD Drafting, Lone Jack
Spencer Proch, Agriculture, Harrisonville
Haley Richwine, Health Science, Pleasant Hill
Katherine Riffle, Fire Science, Harrisonville
Taylor Rosenfelt, Welding, Belton
Taylor Ross, Health Science, Pleasant Hill
Blake Rutherford, Fire Science, Pleasant Hill
Xavier Stein, CAD Drafting, Harrisonville
Alexis Taylor, Agriculture, Harrisonville
Aubrie Vaughn, Healthe Science, Belton
Kelsie Vestal, Agriculture, Harrisonville
Blake Vrem, Welding, Raymore-Peculiar
Ja’Rae Walton, Health Science, Harrisonville
Nate Ware, Automotive Technology, Belton
Race Wehba, Automotive Technology, Raymore-Peculiar
Allison Woltkamp, Health Science, Belton
Chad Woodall, Automotive Technology, Archie
Codie Young, Welding, Harrisonville
Jazmyn Zielenski, Marketing, Harrisonville
Jordan Zielenski, Marketing, Harrisonville

Returning two-year Members:

Justice Brown, CAD Drafting, Lone Jack

Katie Carter, Fire Science, Raymore-Peculiar

Kate Charnesky, Agriculture, Harrisonville

Tania Chavez, CAD Drafting, Harrisonville

Eric Eastland, Automotive Technology, Harrisonville

Caitlin Hargis, Agriculture, Harrisonville

Tillie Jerabek, Fire Science, Pleasant Hill

Hannah Tipton, Health Science, Belton

Cole Tyson, Agriculture, Harrisonville

Tony Villarreal, Welding, Raymore-Peculiar