To  achieve excellence in education through career and technical training.      



     The Cass Career Center is dedicated to quality and committed to excellence. To ensure future development and growth, the school must have a clear sense of the goals it is trying to accomplish, the characteristics of the school it seeks to become, and the contributions the various stake holders in the district will make in order to transform ideals into reality. The following vision statement is intended to provide the standards Cass Career Center should strive to achieve and maintain.

     I. Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

    As a learning community, the Cass Career Center provides students with a common coherent curriculum complemented with a variety of before and after school activities. This balanced program stimulates intellectual curiosity, requires students to demonstrate they have learned how to learn, and leads students to develop into productive and responsible citizens. The school district articulates the outcomes it seeks for all of its students and monitors and assesses each student's attainment of those outcomes through a variety of indicators. In our school:  



    II. Emphasis on the Individual Student: Equity and Access for All

    Cass Career Center recognizes and values the importance of the individual student. Staff members are committed to understanding the uniqueness of each student.  In the final analysis, the effectiveness of any school is based on the conduct, character, and achievement of its students. These qualities are a result of genuine concern for the individual student.


    III. Working Within A Professional Learning Community

    The Cass Career Center operates on the premise that success for every student is dependent upon the people in the organization. Therefore, the Board, administration, and staff are committed to recruiting, developing, and retaining individuals with exceptional expertise in their respective fields and a passionate commitment to the school as a professional learning community.


    IV. A Culture For Learning 

    The Cass Career Center is resolute in creating a safe, caring environment and fostering a culture which promotes collaboration, enables staff and students to explore their full learning potentials, and results in meaningful learning experiences. This culture contributes to a shared sense of pride in our school.


    V. Community Engagement

    Cass Career Center values the importance of collaborative relationships with its extended community - families, residents, business, government agencies, and other educational systems. It strives to develop a strong commitment between the community and our school.

    Learning by engaging students and staff in a safe and challenging environment.

    A strong, innovative career and technical/academic program.


    VI. Respect for Self and Others

    Partnership that fosters shared responsibilities among individuals, families, schools and the community to strengthen learning opportunities.

    The opportunity to access resources required by industry to achieve excellence in career and technical education.