• Learning Without Limits
    The Harrisonville School District has made a commitment to “Learning without Limits.” We believe that in today’s world, teaching and learning can occur at any time in any place. As a district, we are committed to providing the resources and support to help teachers and students of all ages realize this potential of 24/7 learning.
    To begin the 2014-15 school year, all Harrisonville High School students will receive a MacBook Air Laptop. 
    The purpose of providing this Learning without Limits resource to all HHS students is as follows:
    · Increase student achievement and engagement
    · Prepare our students for 21st century careers and the ever-changing world we live in
    · Provide the opportunity for 24/7 learning, communication, and collaboration
    · Add relevancy to curriculum by bringing real time information into learning
    · Level the playing field for all students
    Prior to distribution, parents & students are required to attend a Device Orientation session (see menu item on left), sign the user agreement (see menu item on left), and pay the $50 insurance fee.  The insurance fee is set on a sliding scale for students on free or reduced lunch and for families with more than one student in the high school (see below).
    Insurance Pricing Structure
      1 Child   2 Children 3+ Children
     Full $50$75  $100
     Reduced Lunch $30$45 $60
     Free Lunch - - -