1. TEAS Test 
    • 87% of final score
    • Minimum score of 58 
    • Lower scores may be considered for certain qualified applicants 


    1. Personal/Work References  
    • 13% of final score
    • Three letters of reference are required (online survey emailed to reference) See Admission by Exception policy below.


    1. Additional application points given for the following:

             Previous College Credits: (4 points for an A, and 3 points for a B)

    • Completing College Algebra with an A anytime in college career.
    • Completing Anatomy and Physiology with an A within the last three years.
    • Completing Growth and Development with an A within the last three years.
    • Completing Nutrition with an A within the last three years.

    **Must receive an official transcript by the March 31st deadline for these bonus points. No Exceptions**

    ACT Excellence: 2 points for the following:

    • Scoring a 25 or greater on the ACT at any point in educational career

    Patient Care Experience: 1 point for one of the following:

    • Currently hold a CNA license (Must submit a copy by March 31st)
    • Currently working in a direct patient-care role that has been held for a year or longer (as a CNA or similarly titled role, at coordinator’s discretion). (Must submit a letter with job description and title



    ADMISSION BY EXCEPTION in special circumstances: If the class is not filled with applicants that meet the above criteria, ADMISSION BY EXCEPTION to the above policies may occur at the discretion of the faculty and administration at Cass Career Center. Students with a completed file that have not achieved at least a 58 on the TEAS will be considered for this exception. Students will be interviewed prior to selection for this exception. Students will be addressed on a case-by-case basis. An individual contract will be developed between the student and the school outlining additional agreements that the students will agree to, including requirement of a live NCLEX review course prior to sitting for NCLEX-PN exam and attendance for a study session each week. This contract will be developed on a case-by-case basis.


    Students will be notified if they are being considered for admission by exception after March 31st.