Grades: 11-12 Credit:  3.0

    Recommended Prerequisites: Application and interview with the instructor; Minimum cumulative GPA of 2.5, 90% attendance; 10th-grade reading, writing, and math skills.

    Dual Credit: State Fair Community College (CJ 101: Introduction to Criminal Justice) may be earned for a total of 3 credit hours.

    Criminal Justice/CSI is a 2-year program for high school students. During the CSI year, students will learn the federal, state and local court systems, constitutional law, criminal law, and criminal procedure. Students will also learn professional ethics as well as basic crime scene investigation, evidence identification and processing, ballistics, blood spatter analysis, impression evidence, and forensic photography. At the conclusion of the CSI course, students will be able to identify potential job opportunities in the field of criminal justice and the steps and training required to obtain employment.

    There will be a strong connection to industry, and students should be prepared to deal with real-world scenarios in a mature and professional manner. A class uniform will be required. This course is both a physical and knowledge-demanding course, and students will be required to participate in active physical training.