Transfer Policy

  • Transfer credit may be given for previously completed coursework in Human Anatomy and Physiology, Growth and Development, and Human Nutrition (See Policy Below).

    Time Frame for Eligible Courses 

    Human Anatomy and Physiology (A= 3 Yrs., B=2 Yrs., C=1 Yr.)

    Growth and Development (A= 3 Yrs., B=2 Yrs., C=1 Yr.)

    Human Nutrition (A= 3 Yrs., B=2 Yrs., C=1 Yr.)


    **Anatomy and Physiology, with or without a lab, can be two separate courses (both being completed within appropriate time frame) or one course.**

    1. Request must be made at the time of application.
    2. Upon submission of application for our program, an official transcript must be submitted by March 31st for coursework to be considered for transfer or consideration for additional selection points.  

     **If a student has extenuating circumstances and requests a course be accepted after the application deadline, there will be $15 fee for review for late acceptance. 

    1. If the student is currently enrolled in a course, ending after March 31, making an official transcript unavailable, that they would like to request a transfer credit, the student must submit an unofficial transcript showing that they are enrolled. Then, they must send an email to identifying the date that they will be able to forward the transcript. The coordinator should receive the official transcript by that date, or a late fee of $15 will apply.  It will not be considered for advanced standing in the admission process.



    Students who voluntarily withdraw, fail theory courses, or fail clinical (for any reason other than ethical) may be readmitted to the program in the following year if enrollment permits.  No more than one year may lapse between time of withdrawal and time of readmission for advanced placement to be granted.  Students must complete an entire course with a passing grade to receive credit for the course.  All courses not completed must be repeated.  A written plan shall be developed with the student to complete the program.  Tuition will be prorated for the year of reenrollment.  Readmission status will be granted only if enrollment permits.    The Advanced Placement Policy will be utilized regarding acceptance of previously completed courses.  Final decisions regarding readmission rest with the PN Program Coordinator, the Assistant Vocational Director, and the Vocational Director.



    Students requesting advanced placement shall submit transcripts, references, and a written request for advanced placement if enrollment permits. The curriculum must be comparable to the curriculum of Cass Career Center.  The school reserves the right to contact faculty from the transferring school regarding the student’s progress in a program.  Each request will be considered individually and the student must fulfill the same requirements for graduation as all other students in the class.  Each case will be considered individually by the coordinator of the program.  Testing may be required for advanced placement.  Courses will not be accepted if more than one year has transpired since the course was completed.  Final decisions regarding advanced placement rest with the PN Coordinator, the Assistant Vocational Director and the Vocational Director.