Title I

    • Harrisonville School District

    Parent Involvement Plan

    Harrisonville School District has developed this parent involvement plan with parents, teachers, and staff through a variety of formats including, but not limited to, parent surveys, family events, conferences, and meetings. This plan establishes the expectations for parent involvement with Harrisonville School District, a Title I Schoolwide school(s).


    Annually, a Title I information event is held at each elementary school.  At this meeting, the principal and staff inform parents of the school’s participation in Schoolwide Title I.  Information regarding parent rights, safeguard procedures, complaint procedures, and parent involvement opportunities are discussed.

    Each elementary building within the district offers a number of opportunities for parents and families to be involved.  These include Parent/Teacher conferences, family events within the school year that focus on math and literacy, PTO meetings, and other school wide events (music programs, art fair, and morning/evening library events).

    Harrisonville School District will provide parents timely information about programs and services through the monthly school newsletter, school website, phone communication, email, SIS, Wildcat alerts, text messages, Facebook, and Twitter.  To the extent possible, this parent information will be sent in the language parents can understand.  The schools provide full opportunities for the participation of parents with limited English proficiency, disabilities, and migrant families.  

    The district will provide a description and explanation of the curriculum and academic assessments used to measure progress including the expected proficiency levels. This is communicated through parent meetings, parent/teacher conferences, notes home, monthly newsletters from the classroom and school, and SIS parent link.

    All students in Kindergarten through fifth grade are eligible to receive academic support utilizing Title I teachers and services in the Harrisonville School District. The school-parent compact outlines how parents, teachers, and students share in the responsibility for improving student achievement.  The compact further explains how the school’s responsibility is to provide high-quality curriculum and instruction in a supportive and effective learning environment that enables students to meet the state’s standards.  The school-parent compact describes the ways in which each parent will be responsible for supporting student learning and participating in decisions relating to the education of their child/children.  The school-parent compact addresses the importance of communication between the teachers, students, and parents on an ongoing basis through conferences, newsletters, and progress reports to parents.

    Harrisonville Schools gives parents reasonable access to staff, along with opportunities to volunteer, participate, and observe in their child’s classroom.

    This written Parent Involvement Plan shall be distributed to all parents in the Harrisonville elementary buildings in an understandable format and in a language parents can understand.  It has been placed on the school website making it available to the local community.  This plan has been periodically updated to meet the changing needs of parents and the school.  If the plan is not satisfactory to parents, comments may be submitted in writing to the school, the comments will be reviewed, and staff and the elementary schools will actively work to resolve these concerns.

    This Parent Involvement Plan is an effort to cover the range of responsibilities and services the Harrisonville School District  provides to the parents of its students and to the community.  


    Contact information:

    Jauna Weber - Reading
    Early Childhood Center


    Brooke Dubray - Math
    Early Childhood Center

    Amanda Teeter - District Dyslexia Coordinator
    Harrisonville Elementary School

    Tara Drabant
    Harrisonville Elementary School

    Audra Osborn
    Harrisonville Elementary School

    Shelby Doll - Reading
    Harrisonville Elementary School

    Lanagayle Kirkemo - Reading
    McEowen Elementary School