Teacher Grants

  • Teacher grants enhance the education of students in the Harrisonville School District by encouraging and recognizing new educational approaches and concepts that are not currently funded by the district. The grants provide funding for classroom materials which make these innovative instructional techniques possible.  Teacher grants cannot request funding for technology.  All technology requests to the Foundation will come through the district's technology department. Teacher grants are presented twice each year and each grant can fund a maximum $1000 request.
    2020-21 Deadlines - October 23 & March 26

Recent Grant Recipients

  • Fall 2020
    Teachers and students in the Harrisonville School District recently received nearly $6,500 in grants from the Harrisonville Public School Foundation.

    Throughout the 19 years of the teacher grant program, more than $111,000 has been presented to teachers.  The goal of the program is to enhance the education of Harrisonville students by encouraging and recognizing new educational approaches and concepts that are not currently funded by the district.

    Teacher grants were awarded to the following:

    • David Jefferies, art teacher at McEowen Elementary for supplies to support a ceramics project in art class for all fourth and fifth graders.  With the new specials schedule at McEowen and smaller class sizes, this type of unit is possible this year. This grant is funded through the Cade Filer Teacher Grant Endowment.
    • Ann Hammonds on behalf of all third grade teachers at Harrisonville Elementary for materials to expand indoor recess opportunities.  The Indoor Recess Activities Expansion Project will be utilized in the classroom to assist students during inclement weather which deters outside recess time. The materials have been selected to increase critical thinking, strategy and social skills through play, essential  to developing and preparing them for the next step in their educational careers.  In order for ease of access, the materials will be placed on a mobile cart allowing for transport throughout the building.  This grant is funded through a gift from the Franklin family in memory of Marie Franklin.
    • Jim Lumpkin, Cass Career Center Information Technology for a Windows server to help create the backbone of an Enterprise Network right inside the classroom. Students will be able to replicate real-world scenarios and learn first-hand how to problem solve on actual equipment they would use in the field of IT. They will also learn to protect the Windows Server and Enterprise Network from attack from hackers and other security threats. 
    • Amanda Teeter and Crystal Nofsinger, Title I Reading and Special Education at Harrisonville Elementary School for communication boards to help students better express their needs when they struggle to do this verbally.    Communication boards are used for students that have difficulty communicating through verbal response.  These communication boards would assist students in communicating their wants and or needs to adults or other students.  By pointing to visual images to communicate, they are better able to express their thoughts or needs.  This equips teachers with the ability to best meet their communication needs.
    • Maria Derner, Harrisonville Middle School Spanish for Google cardboard visors to bring virtual reality in the classroom.  Students will be able to go on virtual field trips to experience authentic Spanish culture; from a restaurant in Madrid, Spain where they could practice ordering food to visiting a museum filled with ancient gold artifacts in Bogotá, Colombia.  HMS Spanish students will learn Spanish through live and authentic experiences.
    • Audra Bross, kindergarten teacher at Harrisonville Early Childhood Center, for a sensory table in the kindergarten classroom, which will allow for sensory learning. Sensory learning is any activity that stimulates a young child’s senses; touch, smell, taste, balance, movement, sight, and hearing. A sensory table is a child size table with multiple bins that hold some type of tactile medium.   This grant is funded through the Velma Stephens Teacher Grant Endowment.
    • Natalie Johnson, fourth grade teacher at McEowen Elementary School, for a classroom Mark Twain library.  This grant is funded through a private donation.
    • Lisa Mitchell on behalf of all first grade teachers at Harrisonville Elementary School for more independent, indoor recess activities/items, and higher quality headphones for each student in first grade.  Free, unstructured play is essential for keeping children healthy, and for helping them reach important social, emotional, and cognitive developmental milestones. Unstructured play also helps kids manage stress and become resilient.  With the additional use of technology in the classroom, first graders will have high quality headphones to use on a daily basis.
    • David May, Cass Career Center EMT for Operation Airway to purchase five "Actfast" choking trainers.  These simulators will teach students the emergency skills needed to help a person with a blocked airway by providing a real-life scenario using a life patient without putting that patient in harm's way.
    • Brooke Dubray and Jauna Weber, Harrisonville Early Childhood Center Title I Math and Reading for supplies to create “Take Home Totes.” In the past, students have been able to check out activity bags. Due to Covid-19,  the teachers are unable to provide this resource to students. These new totes will provide materials and resources that our Title I students generally do not have access to at home to reinforce learning. Students would be able to complete activities, keep the resources at home, and continue to practice throughout the year.
    • Blake Powers, Cass Career Center Welding for a new set of clamps for welding technology students. Clamps are used daily and hold materials together to be welded, as well as securing material while grinding or cutting.  These new clamps will replace current, worn clamps.

Cade Filer Teacher Grant

  • One grant in the amount of $1,000 will be awarded each year (or two $500 grants). The grant will be restricted to equipment/resources that can be used year after year instead of disposable or one-time uses. This grant is funded through an endowment from family and friends in the memory of Cade Filer.

    Spring 2008 Recipient
    Nancy Cummings, Harrisonville Elementary School, 2nd Grade

    Fall 2008 Recipient
    Kim Redinger, Jason Vaughn, Lindsey Weisz and Zach Sherman, HMS

    Spring 2009 Recipient
    Heather Caldwell, Harrisonville Early Childhood Center, Kindergarten

    Fall 2009 Recipient
    Brenda Foerschler, Harrisonville Elementary School, Title I Math

    Spring 2010 Recipient
    Preschool teachers, Harrisonville Early Childhood Center

    Fall 2010 Recipient
    April Schoenberg, Harrisonville Elementary School

    Spring 2011
    No grant awarded

    Fall 2011 Recipient
    Tonya Ours & Darla Six, McEowen Elementary School

    Spring 2013 Recipient
    Curtis Clark, Harrisonville Middle School 

    Fall 2013 Recipients
    Amelia Selsor, Harrisonville Elementary School
    Emily Terwilliger, Harrisonville High School

    Spring 2014 Recipient

    Jodi Fischer, Harrisonville Early Childhood Center
    Spring 2015 Recipient
    Ann Hammonds, Harrisonville Elementary School
    Fall 2015 Recipient
    Pam Long, Harrisonville Middle School 
    Spring 2016 Recipient
    Darla Six, McEowen Elementary School
    Fall 2016 Recipient
    Jenny Wickstrom, HHS
    Spring 2017 Recipient
    Brian Graber, Harrisonville Elementary School
    Fall 2017 Recipient
    Marshall Streit, Cass Career Center
    Fall 2019 Recipient
    Jenny Wickstrom, HHS
    Shannon Lineberry, HHS
    Fall 2020 Recipient
    David Jefferies, McEowen

Velma Stephens Elementary Teacher Grant

  • One grant in the amount of $500 will be awarded each year. The grant will be restricted to a grant to benefit an elementary school. This grant is funded through an endowment from family and friends in the memory of Velma Stephens.
    Fall 2015
    Rebecca Reeser, McEowen Elementary School 
    Fall 2016 Recipient
    Missy Eddleman, McEowen Elementary School
    Fall 2017 Recipient
    Wendy Courter, McEowen Elementary School
    Fall 2018 Recipient
    Caitlin Jimenez & Catherine Miller, McEowen Elementary School

    Fall 2019 Recipient
    Kathy DeVore, McEowen Elementary School
    Fall 2020 Recipient
    Audra Bross, Harrisonville Early Childhood Center