• Winter Weather Reminders
    Winter weather - cold, snow & ice - is going to happen at some point during the winter months.
    When winter weather strikes, the district monitors temperatures, wind chills, and road conditions, and will inform parents as early as possible if a decision is made to cancel school (see Inclement Weather - School Closings at left).
    Safety is priority number one when making the determination to cancel school on any given day due to inclement weather. If snow, ice, or extreme cold make conditions unsafe, we will cancel school.
    However, there will be days we have school and it will be very cold.  Here are a few reminders for those days...
    • Please make sure that your children come to school dressed for the weather, with winter coats, hats, and gloves. 
    • If a child walks to school, we ask that parents try to make arrangements for the child to be given a ride to school. In some neighborhoods, parents form emergency carpools and this works well.
    • If the child is a bus rider, we again encourage parents to make sure their child is dressed appropriately. We also encourage parents to let the child wait in the car with them until the bus comes (or, again, make arrangements so that several children can wait together in one car).
    Being in school is important for many reasons, including that instructional time is valuable to all students. Additionally, schools are safe places to be for students. Students have adult supervision throughout the day and, should they stay home on a cold day, in some cases there may be no supervision available.