Missouri Learning Standards




    Missouri Learning Standards 




    The Missouri State Board of Education adopted the common core state standards as the Missouri Learning Standards in 2010. School districts across the state began researching the standards and adopting their own timeline and plans to prepare for the new state assessments to be given in the spring of 2015.

    The Academic & Student Services Department continue to facilitate vertical content team meetings in English language arts and math to analyze and align locally developed essential standards and learning goals in comparison to the Missouri Learning Standards. 

    All aspects of curriculum development include input from teachers and administrators at the local level. It is important to note that standards are not curriculum. Standards represent the intended outcome. Curriculum is the path, strategy, or method used to meet the standards successfully. For example: in basketball, the standard is to score points by making baskets or field goals. The curriculum is the offense, defense, and other types of plays and strategies to make baskets. Many teams “win” at basketball using different play books.

    The goal of the Academic & Student Services Department is to ensure that every student in Harrisonville Schools is provided with a rigorous and relevant curriculum. We believe the curriculum is the foundation for the best possible overall educational experience, leading to success in school and in life!

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