On Line Lunch Payment

  • On-Line Lunch Payment
    Parents can use Parent Portal to make on-line deposits into their child’s lunch account. The transaction will run through a secure payment system.

    Items to note about this service:

    • There is a transaction fee for each deposit. The district is not making money from the transaction.
    • Deposits are immediate and will appear in Parent Portal as soon as the transaction is complete. Therefore, if a parent forgets to send money with their child in the morning, they can go on-line and make the deposit before lunch to ensure he/she has money in the account.
    • Parents will receive an email receipt with each transaction.
    • Parents can make deposits in multiple children’s accounts at the same time.

    Parents are still able to make deposits by sending money to school with their children.

    Step-by-step directions for making an on-line deposit are below.

    If you have questions about this service, please contact Becky Fields at 380-4226, ext. 1021 or becky.fields@harrisonvilleschools.org