The district app was developed to provide parents and community members with the most needed information in a mobile, on-the-go format.  You can download the district app through the Google Play store or the App store.  Search for Harrisonville Schools.  This app provides information including a staff directory with immediate connection to phone and email, current news, a calendar, sports information, and website access.  You can also sign up to receive push notifications based on your personal preferences.
What does the app provide?
News - live news feed from district social media
Calendar - dates, times, and location for school events and activities
Directory - immediate access to staff phone and email
Notifications - friendly reminders sent directly to your mobile device
Menus/Comm. Flyers - school lunch menus and flyers for community events
Sports - access to sports news via social media, scores, and event dates/times
Parent Portal - log in from the app to check grades, lunch account balance, etc
District Website - quick access to a mobile friendly version of the district website
Community Calendar - a calendar of events taking place in our community
Library - access to our district library site 
Superintendent - bio & contact info for our superintendent
Board of Education - links to Board website for meeting info, board member contact info
Tip Line - ask a question, make a suggestion, share good news, or report a safety concern
How do I get the App?
Go to the Google Play or App Store to download or scan the QR code below.
app QR code  
How do I personalize the App?
There are a couple of ways to personalize your app to the information you want/need.
For News...
1.  Click on the News icon.
2.  Click on the rotary wheel in the upper left hand corner.
3.  Select the school(s) from which you want to receive news, then select the specific teacher, programs, activities that you want to follow.
For the Calendar...
1.  Click on the Calendar icon.
2.  Click on the rotary wheel in the upper left hand corner.
3.  Select the school calendars that you would like to appear on the app calendar.
For Notifications...
1.  Click on the Notifications icon.
2.  Click on the rotary wheel in the upper left hand corner.
3.  Select the schools from which you would like to receive reminders.
For Sports...
1.  Click on the Sports icon.
2.  Click on the rotary wheel in the upper left hand corner.
3.  Choose the sports' social media feeds that you would like to appear on your app's sports feed.
You can also go to the Settings icon to select settings for each of the above - News, Calendar, Notifications, & Sports - by school building.
Frequently Asked Questions
Can I access sports schedules from the app?
Yes.  Click on the Sports icon then click on Sites in the lower right hand corner.  That will redirect you to a mobile-friendly version of our sports calendar website.
How do I access sports scores?
If you click on the Sports icon, then click on Scores in the bottom middle of the page, you will be taken to place where you can choose what sport you'd like to view scores for.  Click on Change in the upper right hand corner, then select the sport.  You will then be taken to MaxPreps.  The scores that are turned into MaxPreps are viewable here.
Can I get this app on my laptop or other computer?
Yes, you can access the same buttons from the app on a laptop or other computer, simply use this URL - 
For Sports parents
Does your student’s coach use Twitter to communicate? Do you hesitate to open a Twitter account?

You don’t have to! You can get the coach’s tweets through our district app. It is a free download in the Google Play or App Store. Search for Harrisonville Schools.

Once you’ve downloaded the app, go to the News icon (first one), then go to settings and select the social media feeds you’d like to follow. You can follow as many, or as few, district Twitter or Facebook accounts as you want. Your News feed will now only include posts from the accounts you've selected.

All the coach’s tweets will be available right on your phone!