• C717360+   WELDING 1

    C717361+   WELDING 2

    Grade:  11                                                                                                         Credit:  1.5 each semester

    C717362+   ADVANCED WELDING 3

    C717363+   ADVANCED WELDING 4

    Grade:  12                                                                                                         Credit:  1.5 each semester

    Prerequisite:  Application & interview with instructor.

    Articulated Credit:  North Central Missouri College; may be earned for up to 6 credit hours and a reduction in apprenticeship hours with the ironworkers union available upon successful completion of this class.          

    Students learn basic welding skills and safety measures essential in the field of welding. Course content includes oxyacetylene welding, shielded metal arc welding, gas metal arc welding and brief exposure to gas tungsten arc welding. Also covered is math for welders, blueprint reading, welding symbols, and welding safety. Students must have general math skills and to be able to read a tape measure. The student must provide their own personal protective equipment.


     Program Associated Student Certifications: Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA 10-Hour); American Welding Society