Grades: 9-11                                                                                    Credit:  1.0

    Articulated Credit: Metropolitan Community College; may be earned for up to 6 credit hours

    This course is an introduction to marketing principles and explores concepts that touch a student’s life on a daily basis. Topics covered include general marketing concepts, target markets, planning, research, selling, promoting, and human relations. This class will expose students to basic business and marketing practices and make students savvy consumers. Students will complete frequent class presentations to prepare for a career in Marketing.



    Grades: 10-12                                                                                    Credit:  0.5

    Prerequisite: Marketing I & 95% attendance

    This course is designed to take principles covered in Marketing I and apply them to the dynamic realm of sports and entertainment marketing. Topics covered include analysis of marketing strategies for collegiate, amateur, and professional sports as well as for the entertainment industry and recreation marketing. Also covered are sponsorships and endorsements, legal issues, publicity and public relations, and event management.


    C704201+   SCHOOL STORE MANAGEMENT                                        

    Grades: 10-12                                                                                Credit:  0.5

    Prerequisite: Marketing I; interview and approval by instructor; two semesters may be taken

    The purpose of this course is to teach students how to market and manage their own small business by working in the CCC DECA Diner. This is an introductory course that provides students with a basic understanding of general merchandising and retail store operations. Upon satisfactory completion, the students will be able to apply techniques of selling, marketing, and promoting store products, inventory, marketing research, and merchandising.



    Grades: 10-12                                                                                    Credit:  0.5

    Prerequisite: Marketing I

    This course is designed to provide the student with information on the history, organization & career paths in hospitality & travel. The sociology, economics, development, and marketing of tourism will be examined. The students will gain knowledge of hospitality, lodging, tourism, and travel procedures, and jobs with several case studies will be utilized. The student will be able to describe the four divisions of the hospitality industry. They will be able to recognize the segmentation of the industry, identify the important sources of information, and describe the psychographic studies in the hospitality industry and the resulting problems they may pose.


    C704306+   ADVANCED MARKETING                                                    

    Grades: 11-12                                                                                                 Credit: 1.0

    Prerequisite: Marketing I

    College Credit: State Fair Community College; 3 credits may be earned in Principles of Marketing.

    This course is an advanced study of marketing, including advanced promotion, pricing, selling, consumer behavior, and professional development. Students will create a marketing research plan and participate in a professional learning experience with the local community. Students will be equipped with knowledge applicable to industry and/or higher education. 



    Grades: 12                                                                                            Credit .5 (may be taken up to 2 semesters)

    Prerequisite: Marketing I, Portfolio, 95% Attendance, 3.0 GPA, Teacher Interview & Approval, Teacher Recommendations

    This course provides students with an opportunity to work with local businesses and community organizations by completing a marketing internship. Qualifying students will be matched with 1-3 local businesses where they will serve as interns or marketing associates. Students will develop their marketing and workplace skills as they create promotional materials and advertisements, and further understand the business's brand.