Grade:  12                                                                                                         Credit:  3.0

    Prerequisite:  Application and interview with instructor; Minimum of a 2.5 GPA, 90% attendance; good reading, writing, math & communications skills.

    Articulated Credit: 

    Students enrolling in this program will have the opportunity to learn basic health care skills to prepare them to directly enter the health care field or to continue their education in the health care field.  Students will learn basic health assistant skills, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, and research various health care careers.  Students will work hands-on in a long term health care facility and have the opportunity to participate in job shadowing in various departments in the hospital setting such as emergency room, laboratory, radiology, PT/OT,  nursing, and medication order entry.  In addition, students will have shadowing opportunities in fields such as chiropractic, veterinary, daycare, and dental.  Students may complete the requirements to obtain their CNA certification in this class.  ALL students must submit a valid Social Security card and successfully pass a background check in order to meet the requirements of this program.

    Program Associated Student Certification: Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)