Grades: 11-12 Credit: 3.0
    Prerequisite: Application and interview with the instructor

    This two-year program focuses on the total construction industry with an emphasis on professional carpentry. General math and tape measure reading are necessary. Over the two years, students may receive the OSHA 10-Hour Training Certification, Skid Steer Loader Operator Certification, and Career Connections Certifications Levels 1, 2, and 3.

    First-year students will focus on learning general woodworking and carpentry skills using the Mid-America Carpenters Regional Council’s Career Connections Program. Students will learn basic and intermediate carpentry skills, beginning skills in commercial and residential construction, and the principal skills of construction site safety. Students will also learn professional skills essential to the global workforce.

    Apprenticeship Opportunities: Students will have the opportunity to participate in a pre-apprenticeship program with the Mid-America Carpenters Union during the summer between their junior and senior years.


    Program Associated CertificationsOccupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA 10-HourCareer Connections Skid Steer Certification


    Grades: 11-12 Credit: 3.0

    Prerequisite: Application and interview with the instructorSecond-year students have the opportunity to focus their studies on residential or commercial construction (or both) and will learn advanced carpentry skills such as rough-in/framing, doors, windows, siding, roofing, drywall, and other skills used in residential carpentry and/or commercial carpentry. Students will also continue their studies in advanced professionalism.
    Apprenticeship Opportunities: Upon completing the two-year program, certified graduates may receive advanced placement in the Mid-America Carpenters Union Registered Apprentice Program.