Educator of the Year

Each year, the Harrisonville Public School Foundation honors the Educator of the Year.  The Educator of the Year receives a $500 grant from the Foundation and is eligible for the Missouri Teacher of the Year program.
Nominations for the award can be submitted by parents, students, community members, and colleagues.  Nominees must have worked in the school district for at least one year.  The nomination period is during the month of March.  Once the nomination deadline has passed, a Foundation committee selects finalists.  Those finalist are interviewed by a panel of judge from outside the school district.  The winner is named during the district's End-of-the-Year Celebration.

Past Recipients

1984 Bob Barrett
1985 Donna Pfautsch
1986 Donna Schmoll
1987 Irene Webster
1988 Dr. Jerry Cook
1989 Ed Roberts
1990 Sandy Goforth
1991 Marie Vallee
1992 Dorothy Hartzler
1993 Bob Hodge
1994 Denielle Bohannon
1995 Pat Matthews
1996 Marilyn Moore
1997 Kim Redinger
1998 Jill Filer
1999 Linda Barrett
2000 Rosemary Oetinger
2001 Milton Genge
2002 Sheryl Burgener
2003 Carol Elrod
2004 Hilary Graves
2005 Kim Spencer
2006 Jeanette Miller
2007 Kristin Jackson**
2008 Nancy Cummings
2009 Valerie Levy
2010 Kim Redinger
2011 Dawn Travis
2012 Nichole Tews**
2013 Andy Kroesen
2014 Wendy Courter 
2015 Kristi Meeks
2016 Chad Culpepper 
**denote Missouri Teacher of the Year Finalist