• Climate & Culture Survey
    Each year, the district will survey students, parents, and staff to gather feedback about the climate & culture within our district. The baseline survey was given in December 2023. The results of the survey can be accessed by clicking here.

    Since the 2023 results are the first from this specific survey, they will be used as a baseline for future surveys. Without comparative numbers, it is difficult to make any data-based decisions. However, we can see a few areas in which we feel we can grow and other areas that we feel to be strengths.

    Areas of Growth

    Improve sense of community for students in upper elementary through high school. This could come in the form of additional opportunities for involvement through clubs and after-school activities and even homeroom/advisory community-building work.

    Investigate and develop strategies to increase a sense of safety for middle and high school students. Research and study to determine what factors lead to students feeling unsafe. Work to educate students on measures in place and processes to keep them safe. Create additional safety measures based on their feedback.

    Increase students’ sense of autonomy. Provide opportunities for student choice and expand student voice, as well as build trust.

    Areas of Strength

    Staff members - both certified and classified - have a solid sense of belonging. Staff culture and relationships are strong. Ensure staff continue to have opportunities to grow, express their voice, and collaborate.

    Parents’ sense of involvement, both at school and at home, is high. Continue to cultivate that through communication, involvement opportunities, and relationship building.

    There is respect across the board between the members of the school community - students, staff, and parents. Continue to work together to ensure voices are heard and relationships are strengthened.