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Welcome to Harrisonville Middle School

  • Welcome to 2017!  We are off and running with 2nd semester.  Please help us continue to keep our students on track and focused as we get into this 3rd quarter.  We made it through a couple of "snow days" and are excited to get back in gear.  Remember the two days we have missed so far this school year will be added to the end of the school calendar.  This is the time of year for lots of our students to be sick, please try to keep them healthy and enforce good habits to keep them that way.  Please make sure your student is on time to school and in attendance all day.
    Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.   

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School Hours/Schedule

  • HMS Class Schedule
    1st Hour - 7:30-8:26
    2nd Hour - 8:30-9:23
    3rd Hour - 9:27-10:20
    4th Hour - 10:24-11:46     lunch shifts:
    5th Hour - 11:50-12:43      6th grade 10:24-10:50
    6th Hour - 12:47-1:40        7th grade 10:52-11:18
    7th Hour - 1:44-2:37          8th grade 11:20-11:46
    Half Day Schedule with Lunch
    1st Hour - 7:30-8:26
    2nd Hour - 8:30-9:26
    3rd Hour - 9:30-10:26
    4th Hour - 10:30-11:55 lunch hour
    lunch shifts for half day:
    1st shift 10:30-10:57
    2nd shift 10:59-11:26
    3rd shift 11:28-11:55

    2 hour Late Start Schedule
    1st hour 9:30-10:03
    2nd hour 10:07-10:40
    4th hour 10:44-12:09       lunch shifts
    3rd hour 12:13-12:46        6th gr. 10:44-11:11
    5th hour 12:50-1:23          7th gr. 11:13-11:40
    6th hour 1:27-2:00            8th gr. 11:42-12:09
    7th hour 2:04-2:37
    Note: 4th hour and 3rd hour swapped to accommodate lunch times and class.

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