Library Media Services

  • Library Media Centers in the district strive to achieve excellence in education by providing equal access to information in a variety of formats and empowering each patron to use this information effectively, efficiently and ethically.

    It is the vision of the Harrisonville Schools Library Media Services to assist learners with skills, resources, and tools in order to:

    1. Think through issues
    2. Solve problems
    3. Make informed decisions
    4. Cope with change
    5. Collaborate in the learning process
    6. Interact and enjoy making connections with others
    7. Pursue personal and aesthetic growth

    Contact information:

    Kristin Malone
    Early Childhood Center
    816-380-4421 ext. 2811

    Kelly Lalman
    Harrisonville Elementary School
    816-380-4131 ext. 3245

    Tonya Ours
    McEowen Elementary School
    816-380-4545 ext. 4245

    Tammy Barker
    Harrisonviile Middle School
    816-380-7654 ext. 5245

    Jeanne Wearing
    Harrisonville High School 
    816-380-3273 ext. 6245