• Completing the FAFSA
    All students who plan to apply to the CCC Practical Nursing program should complete the FAFSA, even if you do not plan on taking out loans. Most grants and scholarships require a FAFSA.

      • Apply for aid at
        • Complete the FAFSA with CCC school code: 016354
        • Application opens October 1; deadline for CCC is March 31
      • Review your Student Aid Report (SAR)
        • The SAR will be emailed to you from Federal Student Aid
        • Verify that all of your information is correct
        • Make any updates or necessary changes to your FAFSA to avoid any hold-ups
        • Were you selected for Verification? If so, admitted students will be contacted via email by the CCC Financial Aid Office to submit required documents.


  • Start the Financial Aid Process
    After you have been admitted into the PN program, you will receive an email from the Financial Aid Office. Note: Award packages will not be created until May, when federal and state budgets have been determined.

      • Schedule Financial Aid Meeting using instructions provided in email from Financial Aid Office
      • Apply for open grants and/or scholarships that were sent to you from the Financial Aid Office 
        • Most scholarships will pay for school costs that grants will not cover. 
        • If the grant or scholarship is not open yet, be mindful of the opening date and the deadline. 

      • Have you already received grants and/or scholarships for the PN program?
        • If yes, inform the Financial Aid Office. 
      • Inform the Financial Aid Office of any grants or scholarships that you apply for or plan to use

    Receiving Award Packages
    You will be receiving an award package from the Financial Aid Office in May. This will be emailed to you.

      • Review the loans you have been offered
      • Review what grants you have been awarded
      • Create a budget 
        Download the CCC PN Budget Form
        • Use the amounts you were awarded and the aid you plan to accept
        • Determine if you will be needing any living expense credits throughout the year  

        The Financial Aid Office will assist you with this process

    At your Financial Aid Meeting

      • Bring:
        • Driver's License
        • Social Security Card
        • Original High School Diploma/GED
               • If you do not have your original diploma/GED, an Official Transcript may be mailed to our office at:
                      Cass Career Center | Attn: Financial Aid Administrator | 1600 E Elm, Harrisonville, MO 64701
      • You will complete/sign all required financial aid documents 
      • We will review your award package with you and help assist with creating a budget
      • We will discuss grants and scholarships

    Complete Direct Student Loan Requirements