Satisfactory Academic Progress

  • Federal regulations require that all students receiving federal aid funds maintain satisfactory academic progress; failure to do so could result in termination of financial aid. Cass Career Center has established measures for evaluating the satisfactory progress of financial aid recipients. 

    For Practical Nursing Students:

    The grading and evaluation system for the PN program requires that each course be passed with a grade of 75% or higher. Students may miss 5 days per payment period. Satisfactory academic progress (SAP) will be reviewed at the midpoint of the program, before the second payment period disbursement. If the student is not meeting this SAP standard, he/she will be placed on academic warning. During the warning period, all financial aid will continue until the completion of the current payment period.  The student will not receive credit for courses that do not meet the standards of academic progress. PN Program policy requires all classes to meet the academic standards, therefore student records will not be released for the state board examination. Refer to the PN Student Handbook for more information.

    Mitigating circumstances must be documented and approved by the student financial aid office.  If denied, the student may request, in writing, an appeal to the Director of Cass Career Center.  The maximum time for any student to complete a program may not exceed 150% of the length of the program.