Guidance & Counseling

Missouri Model Guidance Program:

» Helping students develop career/life skills
» Supporting student academic achievement
» Providing individual and group counseling to students
» Providing support during any crisis situation
» Working with community agencies on referrals
» Working with parents, teachers, support staff, and the community

Harrisonville Character Traits

August/September: Respect - Honoring others with courtesy and consideration

October: Responsibility - Accepting personal accountability, acting without continual guidance

November: Self-control - Choosing to manage one's emotions, desires, or actions and respecting the boundaries of others

December: Generosity - Sharing unselfishly one's time and resources

January: Honesty - Truthfulness, sincerity

February: Kindness - To act humanely with consideration of others

March: Empathy - Identifying with, participating in, and understanding another's feelings, situations and motive

April: Forgiveness - Extending grace to self or others, ceasing to resent

May: Moral Courage - The quality of mind or spirit that enables a person to face difficulty, danger, and pain with firmness, to act in accordance with one's beliefs in spite of criticism

Contact information:

Becky Sumner
Early Childhood Center/Harrisonville Elementary School
816-380-4421 ext.

Brian Graber
Harrisonville Elementary School
816-380-4131 ext. 3250

Laura Partridge
McEowen Elementary School
816-380-4545 ext. 4250

Susan Harness
Harrisonville Middle School
816-380-7654 ext. 5251

Valerie Holmes
Harrisonville Middle School
816-380-7654 ext. 5250

Julie Zaring
Harrisonville High School
816-380-3273 ext. 6252

Marilyn Charlton
Harrisonville High School
816-380-3273 ext. 6251

Kari Bliss
Harrisonville High School
816-380-3273 ext. 6253

Kristin Quinley
Cass Career Center
816-380-3253 ext. 7250