Early Childhood Education

The district's Early Childhood Center provides high quality educational opportunities to pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students. Parents need to know that our vision for early education is based on the following three premises:

1. Children in Missouri will have access to high quality early education that will prepare them to succeed in school and in life.

2. Early education will be based on research, best practice, and the needs of all children and families in a partnership within the community.

3. Comprehensive services will build on the strengths of families.

The development of curriculum for our youngest students is research-based and aligns with the Missouri Early Learning Standards as approved by the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE). For more information, click the link below.

Please click here to visit the Early Childhood Center website.

Contact information:

Becky Campbell - Principal
Early Childhood Center
816-380-4421 ext 2222

Stacy Everhart - Preschool teacher
Early Childhood Center
816-380-4421 ext 3809

Jennifer Gunderson- Preschool teacher
Early Childhood Center
816-380-4421 ext 2803