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    Cass Career Center Driving/Riding Policy

    1. All Harrisonville High School students must walk to and from Harrisonville High School and Cass Career Center. Any students riding/driving between buildings will be assigned school discipline, according to school policies, including loss of parking privileges at Harrisonville High School and parking fines. In extreme cases, the Harrisonville High School Administration, SRO, or CCC Administration may grant permission to drive between the buildings.
    2. Students must obtain permanent or temporary driving/riding permits in advance(approved or requested by sending school and approved by parents) from the Cass Career Center front office to drive/ride for any reason. A fee will be charged for permanent parking/driving permits at Cass Career Center to be consistent with Harrisonville High School (adult student parking fees may vary). There is no charge for a temporary permit. Permits must be on file in the front office before a student wishes to drive to school. Documentation of valid driver’s license and proof of insurance must be presented (for permanent permits). Failure to obtain a permit will result in a disciplinary referral.
    3. Students driving more than 10 days in a semester will be required to purchase a permanent parking pass. Students in violation of this driving policy will lose their driving privileges and will be sent back to their sending school.
    4. Permission for sending school students to drive will be granted on a case-by-case basis and must be requested by the sending school and approved by the parent/guardian.
    5. Vehicles parked improperly parked may be ticketed or towed away at the owner’s expense.
    6. Hangtags must be displayed when a car is parked in the CCC parking lot. Students “sharing” hang tags will receive a discipline referral, and/or driving permit will be pulled permanently.
    7. Students driving unsafely, not obeying traffic signs, driving between buildings, or transporting riders will receive a discipline referral and/or driving permit will be pulled permanently.
    8. Vehicles in the parking lot will be subject to all school rules regarding alcohol, drugs, weapons or any type of illegal contraband.
    9. EMERGENCY DRIVING PROCEDURE: A student who misses his/her home school bus or for some other reason finds it necessary to drive to Cass Career Center upon short notice MUST FIRST CONTACT THE SENDING HIGH SCHOOL FOR APPROVAL. Students who drive to Cass Career Center without first contacting the sending high school to obtain permission may be sent back to their sending schools or be subject to disciplinary action and loss of future driving privileges.
    10. A student who misses their home school bus and needs to ride with another student to CCC MUST FIRST CONTACT THE SENDING HIGH SCHOOL AND PARENTS FOR APPROVAL. Upon leaving CCC all riders must return to their home school on the provided bus. If no bus has been provided that day, then the rider may return with the approved driver that brought them to CCC.

    Driving and Parking Regulations

    1. All automobiles operated by students on the high school grounds must be properly licensed and adhere to all state regulations. All vehicles must also be registered with the office.
    2. Automobile registration permits are available from the Cass Career Center front office. Parking permits must be displayed at all times during school hours. If the permit is lost or forgotten, the student must let the Cass Career Center front office know immediately.
    3. Students must present a valid driver’s license and proof of current coverage (as required by law) to park at Cass Career Center. Parking privileges will be revoked if the driver's license is revoked or insurance lapses during the school year.
    4. Students must park in the student parking lot ONLY.
    5. Students may not park or drive on any service roads. No driving behind the high school.
    6. Parking must be only in assigned parking spaces.
    7. Drivers must maintain a safe and reasonable speed and at no time exceed 10 miles per hour.
    8. Visitors and those wishing to drop off/pick up students may use the east entrance.
    9. All accidents must be reported to the office as soon as possible.
    10. No driving between Cass Career Center and Harrisonville High School unless permission is received from Cass Career Center and Harrisonville High School administration.
    11. Once a student arrives at school and parks, he/she must exit the parking lot and enter the school in a reasonable amount of time. If a student enters the parking lot and leaves without permission, the student will be considered truant.
    12. On occasion, when a student drives a vehicle on a one-day basis, he/she must see the School Resource Officer or Cass Career Center Assistant Director to obtain a one-day temporary permit. There is no charge for this one-day permit. Once a student enters the parking lot or enters school property, the use of tobacco or any other contraband will be prohibited. Disciplinary actions for these offenses are found in this handbook. The administration has the right to apply administrative discretion and our rules and regulations to the conduct and discipline of students that ride Cass R-IX district buses.