• Family Survey Results
    1,448 Responses
    *Note that numbers represent families, not students - each family could have multiple students

    comfort level

    Not at all comfortable - 290
    Somewhat comfortable - 257
    Comfortable with concerns - 509
    Comfortable with no concerns - 360

    Based on your answer to the previous question, what factors would help you feel more comfortable about your child(ren) returning to school? Please check all that apply.

    Classrooms/buildings cleaned and disinfected regularly - 996
    Cleaning/disinfecting supplies, including hand sanitizers readily available - 989
    Increased hygiene routines by students and staff at school - 880
    Symptom self-check of employees required before entering school/workplace - 709
    Local, state & CDC guidelines being followed as closely as possible - 589
    Maintaining social distancing protocols much as physical facilities will allow - 587
    Requiring masks for staff and/or students when social distancing cannot be followed (hallways, one-on-one work, school bus, etc) - 540
    Symptom checks at home required for every student before entering school/getting on a bus - 592
    Requiring staff to wear masks throughout the day - 352
    Requiring students to wear masks throughout the day - 302
    There is nothing that will make me feel comfortable. - 189
    I have no concerns. - 165

    return to school

    Yes - 908
    No - 66
    Uncertain - 380
    I will likely request accommodations for health reasons - 62


    Yes, I would opt for remote learning for my child(ren). - 272
    No, I would send my child(ren) to in-person school. - 675
    A combination based on my children (Ex: I would send my HS student to in-person, but would keep my elementary student at home) - 83
    Not sure. I need more information. - 373

    bus rider

    Yes - 321
    No - 708
    Maybe - 389

    What concerns do you have right now about your child(ren) returning to in-person school? (Select all that apply. Note that the list reflects examples of possible concerns, and not necessarily actual or planned scenarios.)

    My child getting COVID19 or spreading it to family members - 739
    Classroom/school not properly disinfected - 692
    School closing for an extended period like this spring - 671
    Social/emotional health of students - 656
    Availability of disinfecting materials or PPE (personal protective equipment) - 594
    Public health guidelines being followed - 533
    Readjustment to school/classroom routine - 517
    Safety measures for school buses - 331