• layers of protection graphic Layers of Protection for Students/Staff
    Our success will depend on everyone in our community sharing responsibility in our collective health and well-being.

    Community Responsibilities

    • Follow CDC, state and local guidelines - Practice social distancing; wear face coverings when social distancing is not possible, stay home if sick
    • Serve as models for students

    Families’ Responsibilities

    • Teach/encourage appropriate hand washing, good hygiene, and social distancing
    • Teach proper way to wear, put on & remove face coverings
    • Talk to child about procedures/protocols they will encounter at school
    • Check for symptoms before children go to school every day - take temperature
    • Keep children home who are sick or who’ve had close contact to COVID-19
    • If possible, transport children to school in personal vehicle
    • Talk to your child about showing kindness & acceptance to all who might take added precautions
    • Serve as models for students

    Staff (includes substitute teachers) Responsibilities

    • Trained in COVID-19 safety protocols
    • Check for symptoms before going to school every day
    • Stay home when sick or upon close contact to COVID-19
    • Teach/enforce school/classroom procedures for social distancing
      • Pathways
      • No sharing materials
      • Regular handwashing/use of hand sanitizer
    • Disinfect classroom/building as scheduled
    • Morning temperature checks of class/1st period class
    • Monitor for potential student sickness throughout day
    • Wear a face covering when 6’ social distancing isn’t possible (one-on-one instruction, hallways, etc.)
    • Limit interaction outside cohort; staff/adult meetings online when possible

    Student Responsibilities

    • Practice proper and regular handwashing
    • Practice social distancing
    • Wear a face covering when 6’ social distancing isn’t possible (one-on-one instruction, hallways, etc.) and when directed by a staff member
    • Know, report symptoms to parents, staff