• Back to School - Fall 2020

    back to school graphic As a community, we are facing a global pandemic never before seen in any of our lifetimes. The impact on our school family has been significant. Unfortunately, it is expected to continue for an extended period. The plan outlined in this document is based on current recommendations from various government agencies, health departments, and the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE), and feedback from our staff and family surveys.  The district’s Reentry Task Force has worked using the following principles as a guide…

    • The health & safety of our staff & students is our #1 priority & therefore we will do everything we can to follow local, state & CDC guidelines to the best of our ability.
    • In-person learning is the most effective form of learning. We want our students and staff in our schools. However, we also understand health concerns and will work to provide to meet all staff & students’ needs in the best way possible.
    • Hope for the best; plan for the worst. We must make contingency plans in case things happen that are out of our control to ensure learning continues for all students.

    Although we are releasing this draft plan, the primary decision driver moving forward will be the health recommendations and guidance shared with us by the government agencies with whom we partner. Those include the Cass County Health Department, the Missouri Department Health & Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and DESE. Another guiding source will be directives outlined by the Governor’s office regarding the stay at home/closures, and requirements for social distancing guidelines in place. The health and safety of our students, our staff, and their families is our primary concern.We all want students and staff to feel comfortable and safe returning to school environments.

    This plan should be considered a “live” document and may need to be updated as circumstances, recommendations, and guidelines change.

    Should conditions change and we need to stop in-person school, parents and families may not have much notice. Parents are encouraged to have alternative plans ready.

    Research, Resources, & Guidance
    In the development of this plan, the resources and guidance documents below were utilized. These documents along with webinars provided a foundation for the path forward in navigating the journey to reopen schools in response to the pandemic health crisis facing our community.

    Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    American Academy of Pediatrics
    Missouri State High School Athletic Association
    MO K12 Reopening Guidelines - July 16, 2020
    Cass County Health Department
    Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services
    Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education

    Reentry Scenarios
    We need a flexible response plan to open schools due to the multiple scenarios created by the global pandemic. The scenarios below present the opening options of schools that move from least restrictive to most restrictive and include a model to address rolling closures that may occur based upon disease exposure in our school community upon opening. 

    Scenario 1: All In-Person School with minimal protocols in place

    Scenario 2:  Parent Choice for In-Person or Online Learning
    *Parents will be asked to choose via online survey by August 5th
    *Choice is binding for first semester (through December 23)
    *As of July 28, this is the CURRENT LEVEL FOR AUGUST 24* 
    *Adherence to layers of protection guidelines 

    Scenario 3 (based on by school closure): All learning takes place online, school buildings closed

    Scenario 4: Rolling Closures

    • Affected school/classrooms are closed due to extensive COVID-19 exposure based on guidance & recommendation. Custodial staff conducts deep cleanings. District Nurse collaborates with Cass County Health Department on contact tracing, support and reopening processes. All instruction provided will be online/alternative methods of instruction.
    • Scenario 4 could also be activated when school is canceled for inclement weather.

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