• During the 2019-20 school year, the district embarked on a strategic planning process to develop our Blueprint for the future.  Click here to read about this process which included community conversations, a community survey, and development of four focus areas.

    From the strategic planning committee, a steering committee was formed to talk about potential ballot issues.  This committee made the recommendation to the Board of Education to place Props I+N on the ballot based on the facility needs assessment (2016), the Blueprint survey results, the strategic planning committee’s focus areas, and information provided by the district’s bonding company.

    The Board of Education approved resolutions for the ballot measures on January 23.

    Propositions I+N were set to be on the ballot on April 7, but due to the COVID19 pandemic, the election was moved to June 2.

    On June 2, voters approved Proposition I (levy increase) with 55.66% of the vote and Proposition N (bond issue) passed with 66.8% of the vote.