CCC Mission Values and Beliefs

  • The Cass Career Center established its educational philosophy from an analysis of values and mission conducted by broad-based community representation.  The school’s core values and mission are as follows:


    WE VALUE:   Learning by engaging students and staff in a safe and                                 challenging environment.

                         A strong, innovative career and technical/academic program.

                         Respect for self and others.

                         Partnerships that foster shared responsibilities among                                 students, families, schools and the community to strengthen                       learning opportunities.

                         The opportunity to access resources required by industry to                         achieve excellence in career and technical education


    OUR MISSION is to achieve excellence in education through career and technical training.


    Cass Career Center’s Beliefs about Career and Technical Education

    We believe. . .

       . . . leadership builds success

       . . . high expectations will inspire success

                 . . . respect is key to success

                      . . . community involvement enhances success

                           . . . a safe environment is essential to success

          We build success!

Last Modified on October 15, 2020