• In 2022-23 the Missouri legislature updated rules and procedures (MOCAP) for full-time virtual learners that will impact Harrisonville students in 2023-24. Schools across the state are still sorting out the details, but one detail that is clear is that families choosing to enroll students as full-time virtual learners will fall under the control and guidance of the virtual provider (Launch, MOVA, MOCA, etc.), and not Harrisonville Schools. The student will no longer be enrolled in the Harrisonville School district. In other words, the virtual provider (Launch, MOVA, MOCA, etc.) will be in charge of your student in every way. This would include state testing, technical support, and all educational services. For those of you who choose to continue with the virtual option, our schools will work with you to transition to this model so you can be all set with the provider as they take over your services.  

    Missouri Course Access Program (MOCAP)

    Full-Time Virtual Enrollment Process

    1. The Department of Elementary and Secondary Education will adopt a policy establishing the process by which an eligible student may enroll in a full-time virtual program of their choice. Starting August 28, 2022, student and parents will direct their requests for full-time enrollment to the virtual provider.

    Part-Time Virtual Enrollment Process

    1. Prior to enrolling in MOCAP, the student must be enrolled full-time in a public school and reside in Missouri

    2. The enrollment process will be substantially similar to the District’s current enrollment process for other than virtual courses.

    3. The District’s designee must approve a student’s request to enroll prior to the student’s enrollment in a MOCAP course.  

    4. Students who transfer into the District while enrolled in a MOCAP course or program will continue to be enrolled in the course or program upon enrollment in the District.  

    5. Transfer students who have previously gained credits through successful passage of approved courses under MOCAP shall be accepted by the District.