• Advanced Placement/ Dual Credit Courses
    Information from AP/DUAL Credit Night:



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    Advanced Placement/Dual Credit Courses  

    Comparison of AP and Dual Credit Courses

    HHS Dual Credit Courses

    Will your AP Test transfer to your College?  What do you have to score for it to transfer?  Check out the website below to find out!!
    Informational Websites regarding these courses:
          Advanced Placement Courses
                   College Board Website 
          Dual Credit Courses:
                   For Courses through MCC:
                             MCC Dual Credit Website
                             MCC Course Offerings
                   For Courses through UCM: 
                            UCM Dual Credit Website 
                             UCM Course Offerings
                   For Courses through UMKC:
                            UMKC Dual Credit Website