FIRST Tech Challenge

    Harrisonville's FTC teams are split into two different groups, 10460 Bot Squad and 10476 Iron Cats. Both teams create their own 18"x18"x18" robot for FTC competitions in order to prepare them for FRC. They are comprised of middle schoolers grades 7-8 and high school freshmen. They meet every Tuesday and Thursday at the high school.


    FTC's 2017-2018 game is FIRST RELIC RECOVERY. Teams collect points by putting cubes in boxes called "cryptoboxes", decoding secret messages to unlock keys, detecting jewels, and place relics in recovery zones. The cryptoboxes are both brown and grey, if you stack them in the given pattern, or "secret messages" they give you extra points. The relics can get lifted up to the outside of the playing feild and placed in either zone 1, 2, or 3. The farther the placing, the more points you get. In the begining of the competition, the robots detect jewels based off their color and knock it off a podium. At the en of the match, robots rest on a balencing stone in the last 30 seconds to get the last few points in the game. The team with the highest points moves on to finals and wins the meet.