2164's cart in the shopping cart parade. Overall, the cart got second place.

Public Relations Team

  • The Pit

    Every year, we are given a 10 foot by 10 foot space to work

    with during competitions. This year, we decided to revamp

    our area and come up with some innovative designs

    to maximize space and utilize our creativity. 


    Community Service




    Kurzweills - January 17th, 2018

    The team offered a $10 meal with brisket, ribs, sausage,

    coleslaw, and baked beans. The team members served,

    cleaned up tables, took orders, and provided other services 

    to the guests. The team got $5 of the proceeds.

    CJ's - February 3rd, 2018

    The team offered an $8 breakfast consisting of eggs,

    sausage, bacon, and pancakes to the public. Team

    members provided services such as cleaning, serving,

    and taking orders. $4 of the proceeds went to the



    What We've Done This Year

    This year the PR team has been working hard at revamping

    our website. As well as that, the PR crew has redesigned our

    pit, created a shopping cart float, organized fundraisers,

    sent out thank you notes, and other miscellaneous odd

    jobs that need to be done to keep the team running smoothly.

    The PR team is the behind the scenes group that gets all the 

    minor details out of the way, so nobody else has to stress about it.